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  • Sunshine and Big Holes
  • I like to brew beer
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  • Native ESP8266 BrewPi Firmware - WiFi BrewPi, no Arduino needed!
    There probably is awhile back, but as a reference, there's two main boards posted at the
    moment:D1 Breakout - LCD TH Dupont - Breakout board which uses through-hole components, and
    dupont connectors f...

  • Reverse Flow Build
    @Elkobrewer, Thanks!Next I finished up the firebox and installed the door and vent. The door
    comes off with the removal of the door pins if I need to take it off. The air inlet is a tight
    fit right no...

  • Reverse Flow Build
    So awhile back I picked up a 4' long piece of 24" pipe. So, naturally, I fired up CAD and
    started making a smoker! I love the indirect heat idea so I went with the reverse flow concept.
    I cut the door...

  • Wanted: Sweet Baby Jesus
    I've got some Hess around here. And funkweks too. Shoot me a PM of what you want and I'll take
    a drive tomorrow.

  • Wanted: Sweet Baby Jesus
    Ft: SW regionals. Stuff that we get in az. Really want a bottle or two of this for the label.
    Also sounds like a decent beer .

  • Native ESP8266 BrewPi Firmware - WiFi BrewPi, no Arduino needed!
    What is the difference between all the diff boards at Is there a post or a reference
    for them.?

  • Taplist.IO Free Digital Web Based Tap List
    I have used both and I find Taplist.IO to be better as well. You can input information however
    you like in Taplist. Rpints forced you to use SG, instead of plato, and would only calculate
    ABV based on...

  • Native ESP8266 BrewPi Firmware - WiFi BrewPi, no Arduino needed!
    Well I wasn't thinking about developing too much at this point. Not there technically. I
    haven't done any development since php4 was fresh on the scene. A little rusty...:DI just need
    an interface to ...

  • Native ESP8266 BrewPi Firmware - WiFi BrewPi, no Arduino needed!
    Does anyone have a suggestion for an IDE for mac osx 10.7.5? Preferably something free. I'm
    still using a MBP from Feb of 2007 to get around online.

  • Looking for a a better logistic solution
    What are you home delivering?? Is your location California or Canada? 15% doesn't seem
    horrible. Are you making money now? What is your target percentage? What changed that you want
    to reduce the cost...

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