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  • My homebrewing was born of a very short stint with a Mr. Beer set early 2011. After 3 months, Mr. Beer was no longer good enough and I went to a 5 gallon extract setup. I did partial mash for a few brews then to all grain.
  • Don't use a secondary
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  • Posted in thread: Second Hot Break? on 10-28-2016 at 01:39 AM
    It has happened to me before right after adding the whirfloc tablet. Remember, it's a clarifier
    designed to get all those pesky haze creating proteins out of solution. I bet it was magnified
    by the fa...

  • Posted in thread: Sharing my dumbass mess up on 10-27-2016 at 03:41 PM
    What do you do with the bag that you put the grain in?I don't get any particles in the wort. 2
    minutes of vorlauf and the wort runs clear, less than 2 quarts.If there are any particles they
    settle to ...

  • Posted in thread: Northern Brewer Replacement on 10-19-2016 at 06:58 PM
    Austin homebrew/Adeventures in homebrewwing, morebeer, I think theres a place called TX
    homebrew I may look into and also my LHBS. WilliamsbrewingYou might be talking about Stubby's
    Texas Brewing Inc....

  • Posted in thread: Stone to layoff employees on 10-19-2016 at 12:02 PM
    Hmmm...I won't profess to know much about things like this but I can spot a good coincidence a
    mile away. Stone makes this move the same week that AB InBev's acquisition of SAB Miller is
    approved and ...

  • Posted in thread: Rookie Mistake on 10-18-2016 at 06:13 PM
    Awwww Man! You poured beer out?!? What is even more surprising is that you managed to pour all
    6 bottles out. I would hope that after, I don't know, half a bottle or so you would've felt an
    intense am...

  • Posted in thread: Sharing my dumbass mess up on 10-18-2016 at 11:42 AM
    Might I suggest you lower your stress level and try one of these for your mash lauter tun:
    changed my brew day. No vorlauf. No grain in the wort. No stuck mash. Just crystal clear wort
    comes out as ...

  • Posted in thread: Spike Brewing Giveaway - New v3 Kettle - You Pick The Size!! on 02-09-2016 at 02:17 AM
    I'm in!

  • Posted in thread: Coldbreak Brewing Herms Giveaway! on 07-30-2015 at 10:45 PM

  • Posted in thread: HomeBrewSupply Amcyl Brew Kettle w/ 3-Piece Ball Valve Giveaway! on 07-30-2015 at 10:43 PM

  • Posted in thread: Cold Break Brewing Microbrew Series Giveaway - Open to All! on 06-23-2015 at 10:45 AM

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