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  • Posted in thread: 50/50 Rye Ale on 01-24-2013 at 09:16 PM
    I brewed a rye ale with 30% rye recently, and I was thrilled with how it turned out! That brew
    had some other malts in it too though, not just the 2 row. This is definitely an experiment, I

  • Posted in thread: 50/50 Rye Ale on 01-24-2013 at 09:08 PM
    I am going to brew a rye ale this weekend, kind of like a smash, but not a smash (although I
    hope to learn the same things.50% rye malt (and lots of rice hulls)50% 2 rowHopped with Simcoe.
    What do you...

  • Posted in thread: Straining into bottling bucket on 12-06-2012 at 05:20 PM
    It defiantly still siphoned slow and quietly, so I wasn't too concerned about that. I guess I
    was wondering why I've never heard of this practice. It seems to me it's much easier to just
    throw the dry...

  • Posted in thread: Straining into bottling bucket on 12-06-2012 at 04:43 PM
    When I racked my last batch from the primary to the bottling bucket, i on a whim attached a
    sanitized nylon bag (meant for dry hopping) to the end of the hose, so the beer filtered
    through it. It pick...

  • Posted in thread: Starsan foam on 09-21-2012 at 02:06 PM
    I was weary of it at first too, but many many people told me "don't fear the foam". So I took
    their advice, racked right into a carboy filled with foam, and 1 month later drank the best
    beer I've ever...

  • Posted in thread: Palate Training on 09-21-2012 at 01:54 PM
    Thanks for the advice everyone! I'm definitely going to try smash brewing and different yeasts!

  • Posted in thread: Punkin' Ale on 09-21-2012 at 01:51 PM
    Love the thread! Can't wait to try the recipe!I was going to scale it down to 3 gal, but for
    some reason I ended up with:6.5 lb 2 row.75 lb crystal 60l.75 lb victory(all crushed
    together)Rice hullsI h...

  • Posted in thread: Palate Training on 09-19-2012 at 07:38 PM
    I wanted to start a discussion on the topic. Does anyone have any good resources, tips, or
    advice on palate training as it applies to beer specifically? I don't think I'm seriously
    lacking in any part...

  • Posted in thread: Brewhouse Pilsner : To bottle or not? on 08-30-2012 at 07:53 PM
    You should dissolve the sugar in water and boil it and then add it to the bottling bucket. Then
    rack on top of that. make sure everything that touches the beer at this point on is sanitized!
    Don't sti...

  • Posted in thread: Tell me about pumkin ale on 08-30-2012 at 07:03 PM
    It can be used to replace canned pumpkin 1:1 in any recipe calling for canned pumpkin.Thanks,
    that's just the info I was looking for!And I get that, canned/preserved pumpkin must be used to
    have pumpk...