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  • Posted in thread: Does your bittering hop really matter? on 06-08-2014 at 03:36 PM
    If you want to understand the impact of cohumulone, do what I did. Take an IPA recipe where you
    have used Columbus for bittering (as many do) and substitute Horizon or Simcoe for your
    bittering hop (b...

  • Posted in thread: Confused about the link between Aplha Acids and Cohumulone on 06-08-2014 at 03:25 PM
    I brew a lot of IPA's and depending on what I am going for, I always look at the cohumulone
    levels in hops I am using. It makes a huge difference. Cohumulone has the a strong bite and
    lingers on the b...

  • Posted in thread: Mash PH question on 04-09-2014 at 05:34 PM
    Thanks. Would you mind briefly explaining how you add a style on Beersmith? I can't find
    anything on that. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew

  • Posted in thread: Mash PH question on 04-09-2014 at 02:24 PM
    Does anyone know of a user friendly tool/spreadsheet where you can enter your water profile and
    it gives you recommended adjustments for a specific style you are brewing. Beersmith gives you
    major bre...

  • Posted in thread: Lagunitas Hop Stoopid Clone - Straight from Lagunitas on 02-20-2014 at 06:32 PM
    Could you share that recipe or share a link to it? Thanks

  • Posted in thread: Should I add oxygen to my poorly attenuating Imperial Stout? on 01-07-2014 at 10:55 AM
    All very good information. Here are the answers to the questions posed:It was a 10 gallon AG
    recipe -I started from a Yeti clone and made some modificationsI pitched the recommended 2-2
    liter starters...

  • Posted in thread: Should I add oxygen to my poorly attenuating Imperial Stout? on 01-06-2014 at 04:28 AM
    The OG of my Imperial Stout was 1.088. After eight days I am at 1.026. Should I add some oxygen
    using a stone or rouse the yeast to get it down further? I am aiming at 1.014-using WLP001.
    (Since I am ...

  • Posted in thread: Using blow off yeast on 11-20-2013 at 05:11 AM
    I posed the same question to White Labs support and this was their response: I would recommend
    using yeast from the bottom of the primary fermenter rather than yeast that has sat in StarSan
    for a week...

  • Posted in thread: Using blow off yeast on 11-19-2013 at 04:46 AM
    So I have a raging fermenter that collected a great deal of yeast into the pitcher of Star San.
    I also have some bottles of an imperial stout that never carbonated after nearly a year. Could
    I use the...

  • Posted in thread: 1.065 OG stuck at 1.020 after 8days on 10-21-2013 at 12:51 AM
    I would first try to give a rigorous swirl and raise the temp. I usually get a bit out of that
    alone. If that's not enough, the most aggressive action you can take that has worked for me
    with stuck fe...