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  • I am a fellow who enjoys just about every style of beer.... (from bud light platnum to your hoppiest of IPAs)
  • music,beer making
  • health insurance industry
  • Ricardo Lopez
  • Mariachi, Banda, Rammstein, The Beatles, Cumbia, marilyn manson, depeche mode, etc
  • any and all tarantino movies.
  • bizzaare foods with andrew zimmern. chopped. iron chef. conan o brien.
  • ive been a beer man for a while, and never thought i could brew good beer...i thought it was too complicated, and figured i would leave the brewing to the masters, and be an enjoyer instead. That all changed when i made my first brew march 2012...and have made 8 constistently GREAT batches since... when you love a craft, nothing will go wrong... youll go to every length of research and technique to ensure your products meet YOUR standards... and once OK in your book.. youll be proud to share it.
  • EVERYTHING. My dad is a tecate drinker, so i wana make something he can enjoy... my friends are "craft beer" drinkers, so i wana get them too...
  • Bavarian Hefeweizen
  • Vienna "Grandpapa!", South Wittbier.
  • Irish Red
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  • Whittier
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  • Posted in thread: Cold crashing on 06-15-2013 at 01:31 AM
    I'm currently cold crashing a keg of cream ale. I would like it to be as clear as possible.
    I've already used whirlfloc. At this time, I'm pouring off buts at a time to taste, check
    clarity, etc. it h...

  • Posted in thread: Vanilla extract in beer on 05-16-2013 at 11:40 PM
    ****! I should probably get 3 more beans and soak them in about 2 shots of the "extract" I have
    now! I had no idea it would be too much. Damn!

  • Posted in thread: Vanilla extract in beer on 05-15-2013 at 03:01 AM
    I am making my own vanilla extract. I have 5 vanilla beans split down the middle soaking in
    about 500ml of vodka. I'm going to let it go for about 3 weeks total. Anyhow, I want to use
    this in my beer....

  • Posted in thread: Carmel tasting beer on 04-03-2013 at 07:05 PM
    First off, I know I may not b describing it correctly , but I am looking to make a brown/red
    English style beer with heavy "Caramel" notes. When I taste a Newcastle brown ale, I detect a
    really presen...

  • Posted in thread: Diacetyl rest on 03-25-2013 at 11:42 PM
    I'm making a kolsch. I had it at 58ish for 6 days... The bubbling stopped completely. I brought
    it up to 65-72 ish for a diacetyl rest, and it started bubbling again............,, and has
    been bubblin...

  • Posted in thread: Quick Berliner Weiss???? on 03-22-2013 at 02:32 AM
    also, will acid malt work for the lacto starter? i happen to have a whole pound of unmilled
    acid malt....

  • Posted in thread: Quick Berliner Weiss???? on 03-22-2013 at 02:30 AM
    forgive me if Im a bit slow.... i like youre idea a lot...and it seems easy enough, BUT:the
    lacto starter... i can do this in any bottle/flask as a i would a normal starter? should i hold
    it at any pa...

  • Posted in thread: Quick Berliner Weiss???? on 03-22-2013 at 01:02 AM
    Can anyone share an easy way to make tart beers? I'm reading up on sour mashing and lactic
    acid, and it all sounds great! But, me and my girl just got back from Germany where she had
    maaaany Berliner ...

  • Posted in thread: What is the best way to control fermentation temps? on 10-21-2012 at 07:11 AM
    I'm a relatively new brewer, and have just been using a dark cupboard at home that stays in the
    60s low 70s pretty much all the time. I've brewed only ales for this reason. The more I brew, I
    do find ...

  • Posted in thread: Light Belgian ale on 10-19-2012 at 12:54 AM
    I live my Belgian ales and have made a few. I've tried Sam Adams Belgian session ale, and loved
    it! Very Belgian taste, but light like lager. I'm thinking I could probably achieve this my
    skipping the...

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