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  • Posted in thread: How much is worth? on 01-18-2009 at 06:02 PM
    It says my site is worth $1175, who's buyin?

  • Posted in thread: Beer Spa Experience in the Czech Republic! on 01-02-2009 at 04:00 PM
    Not sure if I would part with the $$ depending on how much it costs compared to how many pubs I
    could visit with the cash, but for a one time thing you can't go wrong.Per the link in the OP,
    the beer ...

  • Posted in thread: Beer Spa Experience in the Czech Republic! on 01-02-2009 at 02:15 AM
    I saw that place on TV recently. I think it was the beer episode of "How Stuff Works." If you
    see it on the Discovery channel, I recommend it. I remember like one quick mention of BMC, and
    the rest of...

  • Posted in thread: sleep apnea? on 12-30-2008 at 08:38 PM
    I couldn't get used to mine, so I never used it much. Probably a very foolish decision.

  • Posted in thread: The Ryan's Steakhouse Incident on 11-26-2008 at 09:23 PM
    Kinda reminds me of when I had listeria poisoning. (Was at home and not a restaurant thank
    God)Not pretty...but hilarious when it's not happening to you! :D

  • Posted in thread: Engagement Rings... on 11-26-2008 at 09:05 PM
    Wow... that's a pretty opinionated view for one of the most personal purchases of one's life. I
    think you will find that many people, like me feel that buying an imitation created in a lab
    lacks the a...

  • Posted in thread: Why Is IKEA... on 11-26-2008 at 08:34 PM
    Crappy or not, you gotta love the names they give things. Like the computer desk called the
    Jerker. That's just awesome.

  • Posted in thread: Scary Alien-like Squid filmed in GoM by Shell Oil Underwater Robot on 11-25-2008 at 08:06 PM
    Holy crap!Nuke it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure.

  • Posted in thread: Engagement Rings... on 11-25-2008 at 08:01 PM
    Congratulations on your pending engagement, I wish you all the best.That said, I'm going to be
    the party pooper and say diamonds are bull****. Spending gobs of cash on a rock that's not as
    rare as the...

  • Posted in thread: BBC shows, etc. on 11-24-2008 at 03:52 PM
    Two words...Doctor friggin Who.I've been a fan since I was a kid, and the new series are just
    unbelievable. Top Gear is great as well, and No Heroics looks pretty good too.