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  • Posted in thread: Yeast starter not that hard on 09-06-2005 at 05:44 AM
    when using a starter should you oxigenate the wort as you would do it with out one?

  • Posted in thread: Chili Beers on 09-06-2005 at 05:31 AM
    Have any of you made chili beers? I read they are supposed to be really good, so in the two
    batches I have bottled I added some diferent peppers to a few bottles, however I took a look at
    one of them ...

  • Posted in thread: Secondary Tempurature on 09-04-2005 at 07:13 PM
    What about temperature in the bottles. will it be ok if after controling a secondary
    temperature at 70 F, I bottle and store at 85 F?

  • Posted in thread: Secondary Tempurature on 09-03-2005 at 04:17 PM
    I understand that if at room temperature let say about 85 F I leave a bucket of water, the
    water will stay cooler than 85. But what about beer, is it the same? Will the temperature of
    the liquid (beer...

  • Posted in thread: First time bottling on 08-30-2005 at 06:09 PM
    I'm almost ready to bottle. (1-3 days) I have some questions though.I have with me three
    different options for sanitizing, (iodophor, clorox, star san) which do you recommend and how
    is it used to san...

  • Posted in thread: Would you like a lemon with that? on 08-28-2005 at 08:44 PM
    In Spain you can ask for a "Cańita with soda" and youŽll get Half Lager beer and half lemon
    soda this tastes great and is quite refreshing.In Mexico we drink "Chelada" and "Michelada"
    this is a glass ...

  • Posted in thread: Starter Question on 08-28-2005 at 07:53 PM
    Thanks both for the fast answering. I guess with some experince I'll pay back to new begginers.

  • Posted in thread: primary fermentation - tastes pish!! on 08-28-2005 at 07:49 PM
    so after my dissapointing first taste Hang in there, the same happened to me a a few weeks ago
    when I racked my first batch ever to the secondary. I wanted to check its OG to make sure it
    was ready to...

  • Posted in thread: Starter Question on 08-28-2005 at 04:29 PM
    I'll be brewing a bock beer with OG supposed to be around 1.075. I'll use wyeast munich lager
    yeast and I read that a starter should be made when brewing high OG beers so I went on and made
    my starter...