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01-19-2006 10:17 AM


  • Posted in thread: sterilising on 01-16-2005 at 09:57 AM
    I use the chlorine/water approach because it is cheap and I havn't had any problems. I use
    alcohol/vodka for things like bottle caps etc. I haven't had to sanitize any stainless steel
    yet, but I would...

  • Posted in thread: How many of these have you heard about your homebrew on 01-16-2005 at 09:41 AM
    ... funny thing is even when I'm not satisfied that it's good enough and feel I can make it
    better, everyone says it's awesome. I must say my stouts turn out really well though.I get this
    too - Peopl...

  • Posted in thread: (Mis)Adventures In Homebrewing on 01-02-2005 at 11:33 AM
    ... I left the kitchen and went back to my living room. No more than 5 minutes later, I started
    to wonder why my smoke detector was going off. I sauntered back to the kitchen to find my brew
    pot viole...

  • Posted in thread: The wife got me a complete system for Christmas on 12-30-2004 at 04:33 PM
    Now I have to learn to work with the 2 stage system, a lot more complicated but I;m sure after
    a couple times I'll get the hang of it. She also got me all the ingredients for my first batch
    of Red Eye...

  • Posted in thread: Where is everyone from? on 12-30-2004 at 03:59 PM
    I'm from the country side near Horsens in Denmark, Europe.

  • Posted in thread: Hello, new member here on 12-28-2004 at 09:26 AM
    The best part of brewing is the parties and friends!I have only been using 22oz bottles on some
    Party Pigs here and there....... less work on the bottling!I have used 1.5 quart plastic Soda
    bottles to...

  • Posted in thread: Wyeast 2112 California Lager on 12-28-2004 at 09:17 AM
    Yes, I was expecting a bit longer, but how much longer should I expect? I racked to secondary
    after about 10 day, when the fermantation seem to slow and now (12 days) the fermentation seems
    to be slow...

  • Posted in thread: Wyeast 2112 California Lager on 12-18-2004 at 12:47 PM
    How long time should I expect fermentation to take with the Wyeast 2112 California Lager yeast?
    The fermeting temperature is 60 -62 degrees F. and the O.G. was about 1.052. I will do two

  • Posted in thread: Homebrew making me sneeze and throat itch on 12-13-2004 at 04:34 PM
    I agree with Ken in the above post; your reactions the beer sound very much like an allergy to
    me too. I'm convinced that the reactions wheren't caused by failing to rinse out sanitizing
    agent; unless...

  • Posted in thread: the smell of fermentation on 12-12-2004 at 10:19 AM
    A friend of mine told me that he once brewed in his driveway...some people in his neighborhood
    called the police saying he was brewing up meth. Too much of "60 Minutes" can be a bad
    thing!This cracks ...