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  • Posted in thread: Pump or carry large batch to fermenter? on 10-28-2014 at 12:25 AM
    I have no experience with pumps or brewing at that volume. That being said, I think that the
    carboy method would be more likely to result in oxygenation or infection. Furthermore, the
    physical risks o...

  • Posted in thread: Plastic Erlenmeyer Flask? on 10-28-2014 at 12:18 AM
    The only concern (after heat) that you should have is not scratching the inside during
    cleaning. Just clean with PBW, Oxyclean etc.....maybe even just run in the dishwasher if it
    fits. The last thing ...

  • Posted in thread: No activity in starter on 10-28-2014 at 12:13 AM
    What was the date on the smack pack? Did the smack pack balloon up before pitching? It is
    possible the yeast was dead when you bought it.

  • Posted in thread: Adding yeast at bottling on 10-28-2014 at 12:09 AM
    Additional yeast will not hurt, or cause bottle bombs.I agree, the only side effect really will
    be a bit more yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle. On a big beer that has gone through

  • Posted in thread: White Labs WLP565, Belgian Saison on 10-28-2014 at 12:01 AM
    UPDATE- Kegged, carbed, and cold; magnificent... :mug:Cool, glad it worked out well for you. I
    split a 10 gal batch and pitched 3711 in one and 565 in the other. Both fermented down to 1.005
    in nearly...

  • Posted in thread: 8 gal to bottle but only 5 gal bucket on 10-25-2014 at 02:58 AM
    I just StarSan'd my kettle back in the day when i had a similar scenario, didn't have any

  • Posted in thread: 2 different yeasts 1 wort on 10-05-2014 at 03:22 PM
    I often do 10 gallon batches and ferment 2 different yeasts.....they all performa differently.
    On a side note about your process, 5 days seems very short to be pulling the beer off of the
    yeast and mo...

  • Posted in thread: flexible gas lines for moveable stand on 10-02-2014 at 11:56 PM
    I went to my hardware store and found a PVC flexible hose rated for gas, liquids, fuel, etc and
    good to like 100psi (natural gas is like .5 psi) and used some hose barbs and clamps. I have
    checked it ...

  • Posted in thread: What's the best size chest freezer for two buckets? on 09-27-2014 at 02:30 PM
    I have a 5 cuft magic chef that i made a simple collar for and now i can fit two carboys in
    there. Some buckets and carboys are the exact same size. When I bought my freezer off
    Craigslist i just took...

  • Posted in thread: Starsan Shelf Life on 09-27-2014 at 03:47 AM
    My buddy brought by a small bottle of Starsan this past weekend that he had laying around that
    I would guess to be about 8 years old based on the fact that I know he bought it when we first
    started br...