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  • how much Yeast for a 2.5 gallon batch?
    with 3068 i usually pitch the package without a starter into 5 gallons of unaerated wort. for a
    half batch i would be tempted to try to measure and pitch half. there are a lot of opinions on
    how to pi...

  • What would you brew for this particularly picky in-law?
    Biermuncher's OctoberFAST ale comes to mind:

  • Vessel - A 7.1 Gallon Stainless Fermenter
    Just checked the ship tracking, looks like it just left the port, so the vessels are in the
    US??Yup, as of 9/12 they have been in the USA. The shipment still needs to travel from New York
    to one of th...

  • liquid Yeast
    The 3 beers I did previously all started in the low to mid 1.040s range. And I only used 1 dry
    or 1 liquid for each. They turned out great. Would the amount of extract used make a difference
    in how ma...

  • Bottle infections suck!
    You could mix it up a bit and bottle a batch with no priming sugar (force ferment a sample on a
    stir plate and bottle the main batch when the gravity is 3 points above the fg of your stir
    plate sample...

  • Bottle infections suck!
    homebrewdad -- i bottle a lot. for me i learned that i needed to be very very careful about
    reusing yeast if i'm bottling. i will save yeast from a starter of fresh yeast but once and
    that's it. it se...

  • Wyeast didn't work.
    Your wort wasn't hot, was it?Fermentation temperature?Expiration date of smack pack?

  • Bottle Conditioning
    tell us more about the beer you brewed (style & OG mostly)

  • Looking for advice on overpitched ester-dependent style..
    i'm guessing you'll still get significant esters with that yeast, especially if you didn't add
    any oxygen. if it is bland, a few liters of "highly estery wort" in a 5g batch isn't going to
    matter much...

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