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  • Posted in thread: Cheyco's CFC on 07-29-2006 at 10:09 PM
    Yes - from what I have read, standard vinyl would be a mess at this temp. I got some of this
    after I made mine: great on the first batch with the CFC. #2 is being brewed tomorrow morning.

  • Posted in thread: Freezer Removal on 07-12-2006 at 11:55 PM
    You can't easily remove the freezer from those things, as they are integrated into the cooling
    system. True there. I thought that the freezer isn't just IS the cooling
    system. Do your...

  • Posted in thread: how many BTUs? on 06-27-2006 at 12:50 AM
    I think that most folks here are using something in the order of the 55,000 btu turkey burners.
    They will easily bring 3-4 gallons to a pretty quick boil.

  • Posted in thread: Rectangular vs. Round Mash Tuns on 06-27-2006 at 12:44 AM
    I'd suggest starting with a round and a Ice Cube. Build a manifold for the round and use the
    ice cube as a sparge tank. Then, when you're ready, switch to using the ice cube for the mash
    and the round...

  • Posted in thread: Did The Vent-Matic Problem Ever Get Solved? on 06-18-2006 at 08:53 PM
    I ordered one of the Perlick copycat faucets from MoreBeer. I don't know how nice the ventmatic
    ones are, but the Perlick "replacement" is pretty sweet. And 10 bucks cheaper at MoreBeer's
    prices. I am...

  • Posted in thread: Cheyco's CFC on 06-10-2006 at 07:45 PM
    One minor design improvement that I could offer up to this: use plastic snap clamps for the
    garden hose to barb connections instead of worm drive type hose clamps. I tried the worm drive
    ones first, b...

  • Posted in thread: Sanitizing a CFC on 06-07-2006 at 11:41 PM
    Just finished building my CFC per Cheyco's design (very, very easy!), and was wondering: how do
    all you CFC users sanitize, drain, keep clean, etc. your CFC? I have read about storing them
    with saniti...

  • Posted in thread: Aeration stone sanitation on 05-24-2006 at 10:21 PM
    I have used mine in milky-white state for many batches now without any negative effect. Still
    works fine.

  • Posted in thread: Propane Burners on 05-17-2006 at 11:58 PM
    Does anyone have any experience with these types of burners: some searching around on the
    internet, they are called "impinged jet" burners, and are supposedly pretty efficient with high
    heat output. ...

  • Posted in thread: Drilling through stainless steel on 05-13-2006 at 11:42 PM
    I am no machinist, but if you ever watch one of the custom motorcycle building shows on TV,
    they always use step drills to cut through sheet metal. Not sure all of those guys are what you
    would call "...