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  • Encouraged by a friend. Bought my home brew starter kit in June, 2011. Pretty new at this. Definitely into the science behind brewing. Can only suppress the engineer in me for so long...
  • Looking to do some extract brewing for my first several batches to get used to the whole process. Looking to go all-grain at some point. Am looking to get into kegging as well. Love doing DIY stuff too. Guess I have a lot of things in the hopper (no pun intended)...
  • Nada, will have a Winter Ale as of Sunday...
  • Nothing. Only going primary fermentation.
  • Red Rye-PA
    Hopped Up Bell's Oberon Tweak
    "Expecting" Irish Red Ale (very pregnant wife suggested it)
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  • Posted in thread: Single Tier System in Minneapolis Area? on 11-19-2011 at 06:48 AM
    Anyone in the MPLS area currently brewing on a single tier system? I really just want to see
    the setup. Let me know!

  • Posted in thread: Single Tier System in Minneapolis Area? on 11-13-2011 at 06:31 AM
    Looking to get my eyes on an existing single tier brewing system as I'd like to build one with
    some of my home brew buddies. Anyone out there in the Minneapolis area currently brewing on a
    single tier...

  • Posted in thread: Critique my single tier pump plan on 11-08-2011 at 01:04 AM
    Bobby,Great work indeed. Working on a similar single-tier design and liked how you standardized
    the fitting locations on each of your vessels. Could you provide a little more detail
    surrounding the ML...

  • Posted in thread: Wort Chiller Material on 10-01-2011 at 05:40 AM
    At this point I'm looking at immersion chillers. Could easily go and buy one from the local
    hombrew store but thought this was easy enough of a DIY project. I'll have to check on tubing
    pricing as wel...

  • Posted in thread: Wort Chiller Material on 09-30-2011 at 10:28 PM
    Stainless vs. Copper?Ready, set, discuss.

  • Posted in thread: Didn't snap the lid down. Told me not to. on 09-23-2011 at 04:43 AM
    Howdy, just thought I'd weigh in on this thread, mostly to help another noob learn from a
    rather unpleasant experience I just had tonight.No matter what, always have some sort of means
    to release the ...

  • Posted in thread: Can this be recovered? on 09-23-2011 at 03:31 AM
    Right on. Mess is clean, lid is back on, and the blow off tube is functioning as you all have
    indicated.Now I'm having a homebrew and am going to sit for a little while.Cheers guys, thanks
    for the hel...

  • Posted in thread: Can this be recovered? on 09-23-2011 at 02:14 AM
    Thanks to all of you who responded. Good thing I didn't just lose it and dump everything...For
    the blow off tube I'm just using my bottling tube stuck into the inner airlock tube. The other
    end is in ...

  • Posted in thread: Can this be recovered? on 09-23-2011 at 01:48 AM
    I'm pretty sure I just had a blow off. Brewed a Bells Oberon tweak last night and pitched the
    yeast about 9:00 pm. Used Wyeast 1010 smack pack.Just came down to the basement and found this
    mess.Is my ...

  • Posted in thread: Wort Chiller - How many feet start to be counter-productive? on 08-17-2011 at 05:08 AM
    The science behind the immersion chiller is all about heat transfer (with a sprinkling of fluid
    dynamics). The more surface area of the cooling element you have, the more efficient the cooler
    will be....