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  • Posted in thread: Large Giveaway - Fermenter, Mash Paddles, Thermapen on 12-20-2010 at 08:12 PM
    Username: TimC

  • Posted in thread: Does your LHBS sell grain at a bulk discount? on 07-14-2010 at 07:04 PM
    Man I feel screwed. My LHBS is 65-70 for a 50 lb bag of 2 rowI feel your pain - I asked the
    owner of my local shop a couple years ago and was quoted "about $95" for a sack of 2-row!As
    I've said many t...

  • Posted in thread: Is it ok that I don't really feel like going all grain? on 07-13-2010 at 11:39 PM
    Just because people choose not to go all grain, that doesn't make those of us who do, pricks.He
    wasn't calling all-grain brewers pricks, he was calling elitist pricks, pricks. He was replying
    to my po...

  • Posted in thread: GPS for your car. Who has them?? on 07-12-2010 at 03:44 PM
    I just recently switched to a Garmin Nuvi from a Garmin Quest. I've owned various Garmin
    receivers over the last 12 years or so and have always been happy with them (except for the
    eTrex series, but t...

  • Posted in thread: Is it ok that I don't really feel like going all grain? on 07-12-2010 at 03:17 PM
    If you're making good beer with extract, then by all means keep doing it if that's what you
    want to do.Even though I brew all-grain now (mainly because I enjoy the process), the elitist
    attitude of "i...

  • Posted in thread: Hops (the restaurant chain) on 07-06-2010 at 08:19 PM
    they also own Don Pablo'sThat explains a lot.The style of service in the dining rooms, bar and
    lobby is based on a team format. Hops servers work together to attend to all of the guests and
    deliver se...

  • Posted in thread: B3???? on 07-05-2010 at 07:25 PM
    They're still there - right between Niko's Homebrew Supply and

  • Posted in thread: ingredients and taxes on 07-05-2010 at 01:11 PM
    my guess is that somehow the LHBS never realized they shouldn't be collecting tax on the items,
    and the government isn't going to investigate to see if someone is paying too much in taxes.
    I'm hard pr...

  • Posted in thread: new AG setup: test or brew? on 06-26-2010 at 11:55 PM
    My first AG batch was a test brew using old ingredients and tap water (I usually use bottled
    water - my well water sucks) just to walk through the process. It let me figure out my
    efficiency and boil-...

  • Posted in thread: Warning - Don't over tighten Star San lid!! on 06-26-2010 at 11:46 PM
    Same here - both of mine are broken now. And the bottle's still about half full. :mad: