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  • Posted in thread: All my FG's are high on 03-02-2008 at 04:57 PM
    Neither your yeast, aeration or crystal malt are causing these high FG's. I've used 2 lbs of
    crystal 60L in a mild/brown ale OG 1.040 FG 1.011 mashing at 154 and using nottingham. I would
    only mash at...

  • Posted in thread: Anyone use Nottingham dried yeast? on 05-09-2006 at 12:22 AM
    I was told that a more flavorful yeast ought to be used for a bitter. I've used the english ale
    yeast from white labs in the there something similar in dry form? I've looked at the
    windsor a...

  • Posted in thread: Anyone use Nottingham dried yeast? on 05-08-2006 at 06:17 PM
    What styles of ale is Nottingham good for? I wanted to make a bitter, but I don't know if this
    is the right strain. I'd like to use dry yeast for this one batch, because I'm teaching a
    friend how to b...

  • Posted in thread: Cane sugar? on 04-30-2006 at 08:53 PM
    That is indeed table sugar. And it will work, although it does contribute "off" flavors to your
    beer. I'm not sure this is true. From what I understand the "cidery off flavor" of cane suger
    comes from...

  • Posted in thread: sierra nevada clone question on 04-17-2006 at 07:47 PM
    How did you make it extract?My recipe was:5.5 lbs Extra Light DME1 lbs Crystal 60L.5 oz Magnum
    60min.5 oz Perle 30 min1 oz Cascade 10 min 2 oz Cascade 0 minAnd of coarse the Chico ale strain
    (Wyeast 1...

  • Posted in thread: sierra nevada clone question on 04-17-2006 at 07:08 PM
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has 37 IBU's, and does NOT dry hop. Another brewer actually worked with
    one of the SN Brewmasters to formulate a 6 gallon all grain homebrew recipe. This is the
    recipe: 11.90 lb...

  • Posted in thread: Brewing Indoors - How? Safe? on 04-16-2006 at 05:42 PM
    I've yet to brew outside and I don't see it in the near future. Of coarse, I use the stove top
    rather than any type of stand alone burner. But if you get creative you can easily do full
    boils, and all...

  • Posted in thread: Saison Dupont from Clone Brews on 04-07-2006 at 02:41 PM
    About the yeast, Wyeast 3724 is their culture of Saison Dupont's yeast. At Dupont, Saison is
    fermented between 85F-95F so that the primary fermentation happens very quickly. Some believe
    that this str...

  • Posted in thread: Single Hop Madness on 03-30-2006 at 05:34 PM
    I wouldn't calculate the flavor and aroma hop additions by IBU. If you use hops with different
    alpha acid units you'll end up with very different intensities as far as flavor and aroma go.
    Just change...

  • Posted in thread: Sam Adams Summer Ale on 03-25-2006 at 03:38 PM
    I've not tried this but it is supposedly very much like S.A. S.A.5 lbs Pilsner4 lbs Wheat Malt1
    lbs Flaked Wheat.5 lbs Cara-Pils .75 oz Hallertauer 4.8% AA 45 min.25 oz Hallertauer 4.8% AA 60
    min.5 oz...