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  • look up "pepperford" on flickr to see my home made labels. If you want a copy of something with different type for your beer, let me know.
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  • all grain since Jan. 10'.
    Just discovered gelatin (don't need no stinking filtering!).
    Brew 2.5 gal. batches on stove top.
  • Green Flash clone (my new go to brew)
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  • Posted in thread: RIS feedback.. on 09-06-2016 at 02:13 AM
    I would simplify. Ditch the otter and munich. Switch the sugars to invert or just eliminate.
    Personally, a complex recipe makes it very difficult to trouble shoot. Hope this is useful.

  • Posted in thread: Conditioning on 09-06-2016 at 01:54 AM
    English yeast? Some just refuse to drop

  • Posted in thread: Making British invert syrup at home on 08-25-2016 at 03:11 AM
    This is a link to the method I use. Be aware if you use turbinado or other dark sugar you are
    starting with a fairly dark invert from the start and the price is quite a bit more. Using the
    black str...

  • Posted in thread: Full vs partial boil on 05-10-2011 at 04:25 PM
    Partial water boil can sometimes lead to a darker color and more concentrated flavor. It's
    usually not a huge difference, but a difference. I have gone to adding only 1/3 of my extract
    to the full wat...

  • Posted in thread: does anyone know where to get blank cardboard six pack holders printed? on 06-10-2010 at 01:24 AM
    Throw, nice business card, and nice photo. As a designer, we are now expecting a new label
    design. I would prefer something with a stamped or poorly printed (comic/newspaper) look.

  • Posted in thread: Burnham's Courage Brewing on 05-05-2010 at 02:13 AM
    A very professional, fifties, new wave, holga, old school feel. There is a bit of a book cover
    feel to them (in a good way). When do we get some pin hole camera photos?

  • Posted in thread: Screen-printing bottles on 05-05-2010 at 02:01 AM
    I used to silk screen when I was a sign painter way back when, and we screened a couple of
    large cylinders once. It's a pain in the ass, but nice when it works. We started with a very
    slightly loose s...

  • Posted in thread: Brewery Name on 04-28-2010 at 01:07 AM
    use dinkydog and make a graphic of a tiny dog drinking out of a bottle cap.

  • Posted in thread: What part of my brain... on 04-26-2010 at 01:16 AM
    Steal from everywhere. If you truly have no talent, look at 'art brut', folk art, punk poster
    art, etc. It's grungie, no thought, in your face. If you almost have talent, look at 'fine art'
    and steal ...

  • Posted in thread: Help me get PAID to brew beer! on 04-02-2010 at 03:04 AM
    post on and see what happens. you might even get someone who is just getting into
    the biz.