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  • Drink plenty of brew... Really like brew..... Good brew, so I thought "what the heck". wanted to get into brewing a few years back but never did.


  • Posted in thread: Magic Hat #9 Clone on 12-20-2007 at 09:53 PM
    austin homebrew offers a magic hat #9 clone. haven't tried it but I really like that beer...
    Good luck.

  • Posted in thread: Aging your brew?.?.?.?. on 12-20-2007 at 09:51 PM
    good info..... The pressurizing in the keg to ensure a good seal.. that is good advice, and I
    agree with you. Same with you jaded... if it is a "big" beer, let it sit a little longer. I
    think you guys...

  • Posted in thread: Aging your brew?.?.?.?. on 12-20-2007 at 02:58 AM
    I understand that aging and priming do not go hand in hand....... I was just looking at my
    options with the keg after some other posts I have read. I want to stay away from priming due
    to the sediment...

  • Posted in thread: Time For The Year-End Tally (How Much Did You Brew?) on 12-20-2007 at 02:48 AM
    I stated on April 1st, and this was my 1st year of home brewing...... I have one more to brew
    this year, A German Kolsch. That will put me at 70 gallons for the year.

  • Posted in thread: Aging your brew?.?.?.?. on 12-19-2007 at 11:01 PM
    What method(s) do use to "age" your keg beer? Does aging a beer at a cooler temp (in the keg
    prior to gas) make a difference compared to room temp with no gas. Didn't know if I should let
    it sit in th...

  • Posted in thread: Has anyone found a good source for Used(read CHEAP) soda kegs? on 12-19-2007 at 10:42 PM
    call around to local pepsi and coca cola disributors. I found them in Utah for $10 a piece .

  • Posted in thread: How many gallons of EdWort's Apfelwein have been made? on 12-19-2007 at 10:39 PM
    3858 + 10 = 3868I forgot to add my last ten gallons...

  • Posted in thread: Kegging my 1st batch on Thursday!!!!! Need advice on 12-19-2007 at 01:22 AM
    Any tips??? I have the basics down-- clean, sanitize, fill 'er up, but some pressure to check
    for leaks, let 'er sit for a week at 10 PSI.... Guess we will see the outcome. I am kind of in
    a pinch. I ...

  • Posted in thread: do you "prime" your keg beer??? on 12-06-2007 at 03:49 AM
    Thanks for the advice. I didn't totally understand why to "prime" if you were going to hook up
    and force carb. Guess I didn't understand all the details (I am a NooB again).... So if you
    prime it is "...

  • Posted in thread: do you "prime" your keg beer??? on 12-05-2007 at 11:32 PM
    I will be kegging my first batch soon and I was curious.......... Do I have to prime it with
    corn sugar prior to kegging it? I wouldn't think so, since it is force carbed with Co2. I read
    in a homebre...

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