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  • Posted in thread: How long is your brew day? on 08-20-2015 at 05:35 AM
    Usually 4-5 hours for me. When I have family obligations on the wife's side it seems like it
    takes me 8-9 hours......'DAMN THIS STUCK MASH, gonna take me awhile babe!' Thank god she
    doesn't understand...

  • Posted in thread: BIAB used as hop spider? on 08-20-2015 at 05:09 AM
    I use a hop sack with my 'alton brown turkey fry' ladder setup. Works nice....I switch from my
    grain bag to my boil hop sock and it works great. Wish I had a pic for you OP, but yes, you can
    do it! Wi...

  • Posted in thread: Pineapple Hefeweizen on 08-16-2015 at 05:48 AM
    I used Diaperload's recipe on page 2. I didn't use the corn syrup as I wanted a light drinking
    beer. I bought two pineapples and after chunking them out, I had about 4# of fruit. I tossed
    them in the ...

  • Posted in thread: Why are so many people letting beer sit so long?? on 08-16-2015 at 03:32 AM
    Three week fermenter guy here, or as others would lead you to believe, I'm lazy!Actually I just
    try and brew every third weekend, so it works out well to brew and bottle on the same day.

  • Posted in thread: Is my beer fermenting OK, or is it infected? (pics inside) on 08-15-2015 at 04:26 AM
    This is exactly why I loved brewing in buckets to start out. Couldn't see the scary 'what is
    this' stuff!

  • Posted in thread: So who's brewing this weekend? on 08-13-2015 at 05:22 AM
    I'm on a roll! Cherry wheat on July 17, Pineapple Weizen on July 24, Sacred Summit PA on July
    31 , Pliny Clone (minus the corn sugar in the boil...DOH!) on Aug 7 and now an Experimental Hop
    PA on Aug ...

  • Posted in thread: wort chiller leak! on 08-13-2015 at 04:37 AM
    My first batch I experienced the same thing. The only problem is that my water is groder, full
    of iron and rotten egg smell. After tasting my first beer I dang near gave up
    homebrewing....and no amoun...

  • Posted in thread: wilserbrewer BIAB bags on 08-09-2015 at 05:42 AM
    For the folks that might not read through 28 pages of reviews, I'm here to say these bags (and
    customer service) are great. I am on brew 20 with my wilser bag. On brew 2, I didn't pay
    attention to my ...

  • Posted in thread: Bag squeezing and adjusting grain absorption ratio? on 08-09-2015 at 05:20 AM
    I don't squeeze, nor do I do any sort of sparge. My process is simple, I brew in a bag. Using
    my wilser bag and hoist I simply raise the bag out of my wort, and let it gravity drain as I
    bring my wort...

  • Posted in thread: New Danstar Belle Saison Dry Yeast? on 08-09-2015 at 04:37 AM
    I brewed up the 'Citra Saison' that is in the recipe section, but I used this yeast instead of
    what the recipe suggested (3711 I think?). It is a beast, ate it down to 1.006. I fermented at
    85F. I dra...

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