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  • Posted in thread: Cooperstown Brewing... on 11-25-2013 at 10:48 PM
    Long time for this thread. I was just in Cooperstown and I really liked the Ol' Slugger Ale!
    Anyone have a recipe for a clone? Seems that everyone points to the Ringwood Yeast as the main
    flavor contr...

  • Posted in thread: Pumpkin Ales -- Don't care for Pumking on 11-25-2013 at 10:43 PM
    Tried Pumpking, tasted like a batch of beer gone wrong WITH pumpkin and spices added, mixed
    with puke. I decided I would never try a pumpkin beer again. In fact, beers with spices tend
    not to sit well...

  • Posted in thread: Are there any MUST steps during fermentation that I should definitely do? on 11-25-2013 at 05:11 PM
    1: Fermentation temperature control. My beers got a LOT better once I built a fermentation
    chamber with 2" dow foam board (blue stuff for houses) an old mini-fridge, and a digital temp
    controller with...

  • Posted in thread: Northern Brewer on 11-24-2013 at 08:47 PM
    Northern brewer has always been great to me, HOWEVER I have advanced to where I need to buy my
    own grain bill, so I currently use Austin Homebrew. My starter kit was from NB, and I'd buy the
    same one ...

  • Posted in thread: Rubbing Alcohol Taste... on 11-05-2013 at 05:23 AM
    72F for US05!?!?! I ferment that yeast around 62-64 max (ambient) in my fermentation chamber.
    You definitely have fusel alcohols from too high of temp. I built a fermentation chamber with a

  • Posted in thread: hop boiling in a muslin bag or just throw the pellets in? on 11-05-2013 at 05:05 AM
    I really like using my fine mesh nylon bag for hops (pellet). Keep all the vegetal matter out,
    and I can then just dump my work into a carboy (via funnel!) Works for me! So does partial boil
    extract. ...

  • Posted in thread: Simple Hefeweizen on 09-06-2013 at 04:57 AM
    I'll be brewing batch #2 of this, brewed it last year as well. Turned out DELICIOUS, a coworker
    who went to germany a few years ago commented that it was as good as anything he had over
    there! Last ye...

  • Posted in thread: DME or LME on 09-06-2013 at 04:35 AM
    I'm a big fan of using DME, it cost more, but I feel the beer taste better. If you want to cut
    costs, go Partial Mash and (light) DME. I might try that soon :)

  • Posted in thread: First time bringing beer to a party! on 03-23-2013 at 05:12 AM
    My FIRST batch of beer I took a bunch of bottles to my Ex-gf's graduation from college party.
    Her family and friends really liked it. NB's American Wheat Extract... It was daring on my
    part, but It tu...

  • Posted in thread: Fermentation Temp on 03-18-2013 at 02:30 PM
    Did you rehydrate the nottingham like it says to? if so it will take off and warm the beer up a
    good 5 or so! Its a pretty active and QUICK yeast! I just made an Irish Red using nottingham,
    and yeast...