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  • n.o.l.a.f.r.i.
    New Orleans LouisianA Fermentation Research Institute
    a.k.a. the livingroom in my shotgun.

    I am Joseph Edward Pendergast and I worship fementation probably to death. i would like to share my findings with the world before i get to drunk to remember what the hell i did or get hit by a car and go dead or something.
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  • Joseph Edward Pendergast
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  • i hate television
  • authors... tom robbins, douglas adams, jerzy kozinski, steinbeck, louis lamore... there are many mor
  • I belong to me!
  • i have brewed off and on for ten years starting with pineapple juice, a three liter, and a condom... that didnt work at all. last year i brewed over 100 gallons of mostly experaments with rice, different beans, sugars, I made a cherry juniper berry cardimon pod wine oh that was a good one... i had a pyramid of brew buckets just burping bubbling farting away it was magnificent. it was until all my pour spouts got filled with flies and my daily testing ruined half of everything. i still got plenty drunk. oh well now i use only glass.
  • as soon as its legal baby im brewing me up some weed meade... had some once and boy was that the flavor of fifty dollars a shot or what!
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  • Posted in thread: working on setting up a new orleans brew spot bywater probably on 03-16-2012 at 09:44 PM
    looking for people interested in buying or renting a shotgun and transforming it into a home
    brewery. with just 20 people we can get alot done. we can set up racks and kegging stations and
    bottling st...