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  • Posted in thread: Wort chiller vs. Ice Bath on 02-27-2012 at 03:34 PM
    A wort chiller sounds like a great , albeit costly, idea. However, I prefer the sink ice batch
    method myself. I wouldn't want to worry about dropping in a coiled chiller into my nice, fresh
    sanitized ...

  • Posted in thread: leftovers. heres what i have, what should i brew? on 02-27-2012 at 12:20 AM
    staring at a pile of spare hops in my fridge that really should be used. have some liquid and
    dry extract, figure i could whip up a quick easy 5 gallon batch to keg. low gravity maybe.
    heres what i ha...

  • Posted in thread: Strain Before bottling? on 02-27-2012 at 12:14 AM
    I put a hop bag over the end of my auto siphon, using a rubber band to hold in place.Yes, this
    is a method I used yesterday. It worked brilliantly. Buy yourself a $10 racking cane. Don't
    transfer by p...

  • Posted in thread: First screw up... boy.. with pic on 02-26-2012 at 11:13 PM
    Not to be morbid, but, for your own health, switch to a plastic bucket. Easy to clean, use,
    etc...My brother was killed by a glass carboy!:mad:

  • Posted in thread: Low OG plus a lot of time in the primary on 02-26-2012 at 11:10 PM
    Curious, how much Liquid or dry extract did you use?

  • Posted in thread: Low OG plus a lot of time in the primary on 02-26-2012 at 11:08 PM
    Hmmm..never heard of a situation like this. However, I would recommend not adding malt or
    yeast. Was the airlock bubbling after brew day?

  • Posted in thread: bottle question on 02-26-2012 at 11:03 PM
    Has ferm activity stopped?I would imagine it must have at this point in time.

  • Posted in thread: First dryhop in muslin bag: Will hops sink? on 02-26-2012 at 10:59 PM
    i just toss them in without a bag and then cold crash for a few days on the porch.MY LBS said
    cold crashing is not good if you plan on bottling because the yeast falls out as well, your
    thoughts?I use...

  • Posted in thread: bottle question on 02-26-2012 at 10:43 PM
    You're good to go. A low O.G. like that should take two weeks tops .....

  • Posted in thread: First Brew (with pics!) on 02-26-2012 at 10:38 PM
    Way to be you Mase! Congrats, it's the finest beer you'll drink! If the bug bit you like it did
    me, you won't be able to wiat until the next one. I knocked out 12 batches within the first
    year. For bo...