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05-27-2007 10:12 PM


  • Posted in thread: Help with my Blind Pig Clone on 12-30-2008 at 07:06 AM
    Looks good...I'd add a bit more hops, maybe some cascade, centennial or Amarillo at 5 or 0. and
    I'd use a Cali or NW Ale yeast.and maybe a bit of corn sugarI've tried a few semi blind
    pig/Pliny clones...

  • Posted in thread: Sierra Nevada Pry offs! on 05-27-2007 at 05:07 AM
    That could explain my difficulty twisting them off in the last couple weeks. Damn things
    haven't been on sale either. LOL.

  • Posted in thread: Blow-off tube came out on 09-13-2006 at 03:49 AM
    gracias. after several batches without issue , the last 3 have been a challenge... never a dull
    moment! thanks! I have high hopes for this one still.

  • Posted in thread: Blow-off tube came out on 09-13-2006 at 03:29 AM
    Pitched on a previous yeast cake. Had an airlock, bubbling was going good next morning,
    switched it to blow off tube.. went to work, came home, tube had come out... replaced with
    airlock and its bubbl...

  • Posted in thread: Malt preference poll on 08-25-2006 at 04:46 AM
    ALL F-ING GRAIN!50 Pounds of grain for $30add some special grains fora few more bucks. So much
    variety. So much creativity!I started partial mash, 4 or 5 batches, then went all grain. No
    looking back....

  • Posted in thread: 2 weeks in the Bottle on 08-25-2006 at 04:35 AM
    I have found that if I don't rinse very well after I sanitize the yeast under carbonate. I use
    One-Step and then run them through the dishwasher with out soap, and get good results.TAThat's
    about what...

  • Posted in thread: Pale Recipie comments? on 08-04-2006 at 03:54 AM
    Looks good. I've got some good commnets on a few brews I've done with Nottingham dry.

  • Posted in thread: I dont think I care about my OG anymore on 08-04-2006 at 03:53 AM
    How does a hydrometer effect the taste? How good is your hydrometer?How good are you at reading
    it?I don't use one, like I said, but probably will again just to learn how to and just to know.
    My point...

  • Posted in thread: Black Dog Ale on 08-03-2006 at 10:03 PM
    A bit of both. I do have a black dog, but also liked the rock n roll reference as well. I had
    named a previous brew Heavy Metal Ale. I'll try to post some pics of the labels when I get the

  • Posted in thread: Black Dog Ale on 08-03-2006 at 05:48 AM
    10 lbs American 2 Row2/3 lbs Chocalate1/3 lbs Roasted1 lbs Crystal 1201/4 wheat1/4 munich1/4
    toasted1/4 special roast 452 oz Chinook - 602 oz NB - 301 oz Cascade 151 oz Cascade 5Cali Ale
    Yeast #5Mash ...