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  • Posted in thread: Brewing in 44077 on 03-27-2012 at 12:03 AM
    Unfortunately I'm not on the computer or my phone enough to post all the time. I'm looking more
    to make friends and and since I like brewing thought I would find more people that are
    interested in thi...

  • Posted in thread: Brewing in 44077 on 03-26-2012 at 11:46 PM
    Looking for more people that are brewing in the 44077 area. I love Homebrewing but it is more
    fun brewing with people then by yourself.

  • Posted in thread: Buying Beer (Not Brewing Beer) on 03-26-2012 at 11:27 PM
    You have to buy beer to make beer, Right? Only pry off and swing top bottles though. You can
    get bottles online but it is more fun to buy a six or more and for a few bucks more than the
    bottles you ge...

  • Posted in thread: Label removal on 03-26-2012 at 11:22 PM
    Soak in hot water with baking soda. Great Lakes Brewing Co have the toughest labels and baking
    soda works. Use a lot though! I would say about half a box per 5 gallons of water depending on
    how many b...

  • Posted in thread: Getting motor oil out of a keg on 01-03-2012 at 01:47 AM
    I agree with the simple green. It is biodegradable. Also purple power would work. Cleaned
    restaurant kitchens a lot with it. Dawn is also a great soap for grease. Good luck and let us
    know what worked...

  • Posted in thread: first time brewing and secondary fermenter? on 01-03-2012 at 01:35 AM
    Yeah the choice is yours. I would say it is preference over anything. Let me know how it works
    out. I'm pretty new to the forum so I'm not sure on where to post stuff like this. I'm working
    on figurin...

  • Posted in thread: first time brewing and secondary fermenter? on 01-02-2012 at 12:28 AM
    Yes definitely wait until your beer is done fermenting. Great point. I forgot to say that. I
    took the question as if you need to move to a secondary, not to move it now.

  • Posted in thread: first time brewing and secondary fermenter? on 01-01-2012 at 11:54 PM
    Not a mistake at all! Most kits recommend switching to a secondary, just depends on the style
    of beer when you switch. Most are one to two weeks then switch and another two weeks or more in