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  • Brewing,Winemaking,Amateur Radio,Hockey Spectation,Software,Fantasy Baseball
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  • At any given time I can answer this as one or more of the following: ambient, cliqhop, IDM, rockabilly, motown, or sonic metal disco.
  • Movies are like beers. There's a perfect one for every mood, and there's an infinite number of moods.
  • Does Hockey Night in Canada count? Too infrequently NHL Network will pipe that into my head.
  • Pretty much anything written by Neal Stephenson or Kurt Vonnegut and then anything recommended because once I pick up a book I'm wedded to finishing it.
  • ARRL
  • Fall of 2011 I was at some church dinner/fundraiser because that's wherernfamily attends and because i love some good fried chicken. The fundraiser was a combination of silent auction and raffles. One of the lots up for auction was a set of four homemade brandies. I bid like mad but was eventually priced out of my conceivable budget. rnrnSo I set out to see about making my own. rnrnAnd then figured out that distilling spirits isn't exactly a legal pastime.rnrnBut the bug had bitting and within weeks the wife and I had our first batch ofrnReisling burbling in the basement. Being a curious sort, I wondered what itrntook to brew my own beer. Which landed me here. rnrnI've been at beer for about a year and half and just getting to the pointrnwhere I feel like I know what I should be paying attention to. As far asrnhobbies go, this one has the benefit of having a consumable end product andrnhas increased my stock in the neighborhood tremendously.
  • Just starting to move past my infatuation with strong malt backbones and looking to start playing with hoppier brews.
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I'd tell you what I have in primary/secondary/bottled/on tap but I get really lazy about keeping that updated. Why not stop on over for a beer instead?