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  • I am a proud father of three beatiful children, have a wonderful wife, and am new to the brewing world. I have family who has done it quite a bit and they got me into it...I am now hooked. I have always enjoyed good beer, I just never knew I could brew good beer myself.
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  • I just brewed my 5th batch as of 9/5/11. Have tried a few different styles and am still learning.
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  • Posted in thread: Honey Orange Hefeweizen on 07-16-2014 at 11:32 AM
    Well it turned out to be a HUGE hit at the 4th of July celebration! I got all kinds of
    compliments on the brew. We had 5 different beers on tap at the party (we have several home
    brewers in the family...

  • Posted in thread: Honey Orange Hefeweizen on 06-15-2014 at 12:50 AM
    Just got done brewing this today. Plan on serving it at my 4th of July celebration. If the
    final product is anything like the intial taste and aroma, this will be a hit at the party. I
    am very excited...

  • Posted in thread: Show us your Kegerator on 06-30-2013 at 11:34 AM
    How do you guys using chest freezers solve condensation issues?Usually condensation comes from
    air getting through the seal. You can try wiping it down real good with rubbing alcohol or some
    kind of c...

  • Posted in thread: aged beer in a bag kit question?? on 12-17-2011 at 12:11 AM
    Just an update to all. I let it sit and ferment for a while to let it try to clear itself as
    best I could. It's been almost 3 months and I tasted it yesterday. I would say it was a bit
    stale. It looke...

  • Posted in thread: Homebrewtalk Carboy Cleaner Giveaway on 11-23-2011 at 04:43 PM
    I should win because I have craft brew tastes and PBR budget...I need all the help I can get.

  • Posted in thread: Condensation in a Carboy? on 11-20-2011 at 10:43 PM
    It's caused by a very slight temperature gradient between the carboy's glass and the water
    vapor in the headspace. It won't impact anything. :mug:Thanks MalFet. I figured it was nothing,
    but it is bet...

  • Posted in thread: Condensation in a Carboy? on 11-20-2011 at 12:34 PM
    I was helping my father get into kegging instead of bottling last night. We transferred the
    beer from carboy to keg and one of his carboys had condensation in the top on the glass above
    the beer. Neit...

  • Posted in thread: Had a leak, will the beer be okay on 11-05-2011 at 04:25 AM
    Are you sure its a leak and not just an empty tank? Is there any pressure in the kegs?no
    pressure in the kegs. And I think it was a leak because there was plenty in the tank yesterday.
    the guage showe...

  • Posted in thread: Had a leak, will the beer be okay on 11-05-2011 at 04:14 AM
    You should be fine. The beer will take more when you hook up another bottle. Any clue on where
    the leak is? I would hit the kegs with gas as soon as the new bottle is hooked up, disconnect
    them and hu...

  • Posted in thread: Had a leak, will the beer be okay on 11-05-2011 at 04:04 AM
    Went to pour myself a beer after work today and nothing happened. Found that the problem was I
    was out of CO2. Think I had a leak somewhere beause it was fine yesterday. Anyway, I can get a
    new tank a...