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  • Posted in thread: I'm done with AG. on 06-25-2007 at 04:51 AM
    Just wanted to say that I had the worst brew day ever two batches ago, what went into the
    fermenter looked like gray/gold pablum, my temps were all bad through the whole fermentation,
    and STILL, my bo...

  • Posted in thread: cheap coolers-maybe on 06-22-2007 at 04:29 AM
    Target in Pleasanton, CA has 48 qt cubes for 10 bucks. I picked one up, and there were a few
    more there as well.10 gallon all grain batches, here I come.

  • Posted in thread: Lager fermentation schedule on 06-20-2007 at 07:03 PM
    Something you might want to consider is when you move to lager, you lager in a keg with an
    airlock. Then, force carbonate after 4 weeks in the keg, and once the beer is carbonated
    properly, counter pr...

  • Posted in thread: Skimming on 06-11-2007 at 08:31 PM
    When I do a 90 minute boil I skim, since I've got 30 minutes until my first hop addition. After
    the hops go in though, I don't touch it.

  • Posted in thread: Lousy Brew Day, Need Advice on 06-11-2007 at 05:43 PM
    Just a quick update. I brewed a schwartzebier/brussels black ale clone this weekend, and made
    two changes to my equipment/process before i started. The changes were I replaced the vinyl
    tubing on my f...

  • Posted in thread: WORST brew day to date. on 06-11-2007 at 05:33 PM
    Well, at least you still got to take the youngest to be with the family AND got to get your
    beer brewed. Maybe not the most relaxing/enjoyable way to do it, but if your two kids are
    anything like mine...

  • Posted in thread: Lousy Brew Day, Need Advice on 05-31-2007 at 02:20 AM
    Thank you all for the great tips! I'm going to give it another go this weekend with another all
    malt recipe.Thanks again everyone!

  • Posted in thread: Lousy Brew Day, Need Advice on 05-30-2007 at 11:54 PM
    Ok, so I took a shot at my second all grain batch this Sunday. First, the recipe:9 lbs German
    Pilsner2 lbs Marzen1.5 lbs CaraPilsSecond, the equipment. 5 gallon Igloo round cooler, with a
    B3 stainless...

  • Posted in thread: Anyone do a Brussels Black Ale yet? on 05-25-2007 at 04:59 AM
    Thanks Raceskier, that recipe looks promising. The lager yeast is key. You might be right on
    the money with the oktoberfest/marzen yeast. That will leave enough of the malty character
    behind while pro...

  • Posted in thread: Cereal Batch? on 05-24-2007 at 10:40 PM
    We just pitched a Columbia IPA with a pint of yeast slurry from a previous IPA. I basically
    racked it down to the trub, gave it all a good swirl, then poured out a full pint to a
    sterilized pint glass...

Primary: 5 gal. Nehoc's Black Beard's Revenge Schwartzebier Secondary: 1 gal. Apricot Melomel 1 gal. Cyser 1 gal. Clove and Cinammon Metheglin 1 gal. Ginger and Chai Metheglin Kegged: 2.5 gal. Columbia IPA w/White Labs 010 Anniversary Yeast (generation two)