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  • I friend of mine whom I met through my Fiancee was a home-brewer. We tried to get together before he transferred and it didn't happen. That got me really interested. My better half bought me a home brew kit for my birthday and that was all it took.
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  • Posted in thread: What's Up From Philly on 05-13-2010 at 09:37 AM
    Welcome to HBT. :ban:Read past threads and feel free to ask questions. This is a great place
    and a great group to learn from.

  • Posted in thread: Hi from PA on 05-13-2010 at 09:34 AM
    Welcome to HBT! :ban: Looks like Pennsylvania is bringing it.

  • Posted in thread: Beginner from PA on 05-12-2010 at 10:29 PM
    Welcome. Hang out, ask questions, read the posts and learn. There is a wealth of information
    here in the posts and in the people.

  • Posted in thread: I need hoppier and hoppier beers... on 04-24-2010 at 02:58 AM
    I'm a beer snob now. I only drink red beer with red meat and white beer with white meat. :D

  • Posted in thread: Brewpub near Herndon, Va on 04-23-2010 at 09:41 PM
    Dogfish Head in Fairfax and Falls Church. Both are pretty close to my hotel. I may have to see
    if they do growlers to go or at the very least go and have a meal and a beer.Thanks Kilted

  • Posted in thread: Brewpub near Herndon, Va on 04-23-2010 at 09:21 PM
    I am on a business trip in Herndon, Va next week. Are there any local brewpubs or good local
    brews I should visit or try while I'm there?

  • Posted in thread: I need hoppier and hoppier beers... on 04-23-2010 at 09:19 PM
    I have developed a liking for the bitter stuff. BUT I still enjoy the "lighter" side as well.
    Actually I have found that I taste more in the beers at the other end of the hop scale.

  • Posted in thread: IPA question on 04-23-2010 at 09:12 PM
    RDWHAHB!!Don't sweat it.Of course if you're worried, you could drop ice in your tub and get it
    as cold as you can for a couple days.

  • Posted in thread: Another starter question on 04-21-2010 at 06:29 PM
    How much yeast do you pitch for the starter? Meaning, if you're making a starter for a lager
    then you need a much larger yeasts cell count. Say you make a 5000ML starter. Do you pitch 2
    vials of yeast...

  • Posted in thread: Brewday from hell!! on 04-14-2010 at 11:23 PM
    Never mind. Mine wasn't so bad then.I chilled the starter and now am debating whether I want to
    try and use the yeast at the bottom or not.

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