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  • I've ridden my bicycle across the United States of America.

    Call me crazy for: Samuel Adams Boston Lager*, Samuel Adams Boston Ale, Samuel Adams Black Lager, Dogfish Head 60, 90, 120, Lake Placid Ubu Ale, Southern Tier Big Red, Southern Tier Inequity, Southern Tier Unearthly, Saranac Black Forest, Roosterfish Nut Brown Ale*, Ithaca Cascazilla, Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Sierra Nevada Harvet Wet Hop*, Sierra Nevada Celebration, Harpoon Wet Hop*, anything by Custom Brewcrafters, Rohrbach's Scotch Ale...and anything from Oz's kitchen.

    *Denotes ales that will be placed in my casket if I ever die.
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  • Shattered Lake IPA, Torgo's Hazelnut Brown, Midwest's Autumn Amber, AHS MacTarnahan's Clone, The Sun Has Left Us On Time Steam Beer...
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  • Posted in thread: Dirty Chicago beer politics. on 12-17-2010 at 09:37 PM
    Funny how the big corporations make beer and at the same time kill it.

  • Posted in thread: WO HOO!!! Clear beer on 12-17-2010 at 06:28 PM
    thats purty. now ive heard that if you pass beer through a filter a couple times you could get
    it this true?Yeah, filter it through your liver. Then it'll come out clear as

  • Posted in thread: Beer Allergy Diagnosis??? on 12-15-2010 at 10:43 PM
    I was, and don't take this the wrong way, hoping you get more conclusive evidence. I get red
    spotches on my neck after drinking homebrew (and fantastic homebrew at that) and worry that I'm
    allergic to...

  • Posted in thread: Sam Adams New Beer on 12-12-2010 at 07:33 PM
    20 bucks a bottle. I just got one last night. Very nice bottle, looks like a champagne or wine
    bottle. Going to drink it closer to Xmas and if you want to know, I'll tell you how it is.

  • Posted in thread: Is Sam Adams going downhill? on 12-12-2010 at 07:29 PM
    No. If anything, they've improved. Honestly, I think it might be Costco's problem. I bought a
    case of Boston Lager from them when I was visiting Florida and it was awful. I returned it and
    bought some...

  • Posted in thread: Rochester NY Area Winery/Brewery Tours on 12-11-2010 at 11:00 PM
    Dude,Rooster Fish Brewing in in Watkins Glen. They have the single greatest Brown Ale I've ever
    had in my life. There's also Two Goats Brewing on the opposite side of the lake (east side)
    that weren't...

  • Posted in thread: I'm having moisture issues in my house from brewing beer on 12-10-2010 at 12:59 AM
    if you use a dehumidifier, then you can collect all that extra water you're wasting, boil it,
    and make MORE BEER WITH IT!

  • Posted in thread: Can pulling samples cause oxidization? on 12-10-2010 at 12:33 AM
    Just wondering because I've pulled 2 samples at 1 week and 2 1/2 weeks and hit my gravity but
    when I bottled, it had strange, lingering, i-guees-cardboard-taste, almost like plastic, when I
    took a nip...

  • Posted in thread: Flashlight to fermenting wort? on 12-06-2010 at 03:47 PM
    Watching particles float up and drop down is perhaps the cheapest and saddest way I've been
    known to spend a weekend night.That's why I asked. Cause I do it too. :)

  • Posted in thread: Flashlight to fermenting wort? on 12-05-2010 at 08:59 PM
    Is it bad to look at the wort with a flashlight while it's doing its thing?

Shattered Lake IPA...Torgo's Hazelnut Brown...Midwest's Autumn Amber...AHS MacTarnahan's Amber Ale Clone...Charlie P's The Sun Has Left Us On Time Steam Beer... Prepping for the move to AG