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  • Wisconsin/Utah
  • IM a cheesehead from Wisconsin currently playing in the mountains of Utah.
  • Fun stuff inside and fun
    stuff outside
  • Audio Engineer/Financial Grunt
  • Michael W. Goode
  • Good Music
  • Indiana Jones, James Bond, 300, Snatch, Beerfest, Pulp Fiction, Bourne Identity, Caddy Shack, Forest
  • Scrubs, Dirty Jobs, Iron Chef, Hells Kitchen, etc...etc..
  • The Hobbit, Alive, Into Thin Air, The Rock Warriors Way. Catch 22, Der Vorleser, etc..etc.
  • I started Home brewing back in 2006 for a few reasons. 1) because in Utah good import beer costs a lot more than it did in Wisconsin. 2) German heritage compelled me to brew beer i guess. 3) I'm good in a kitchen so i figured i could be good with the brewing steps as well. 4) its one of the fun things i do in life.
  • -Schwarz Lager
    -edworts apfelwein
    -Yakima blonde ale
    -Edworts Hous pale ale (again and again)
    Helles Belles
  • -----Primary 5 gal. #1 - Modified EdWorts Haus ale
    -----Primary 5 gal. #2 - Air
    -----Primary 1gal size - air
  • -----Secondary 5.5 gal. - Air
  • Blueberry Apfelwein Experiment #1 (gone and was awesome!!! after aging from 2008 to spring 2011)

    Spiced Apfelwein Experiment #2
  • #1 - Modified - Edworts Haus Ale

    #2 - air

    #3 - air

    #4 - air

    #5 - Snowshoe Winter Imperial Ale
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“It has been long recognized that the problems with alcohol relate not to the use of a bad thing, but to the abuse of a good thing." -Abe Lincoln “Here’s to a long life and a merry one, a quick death and an easy one, a pretty girl and a true one, a cold beer and another one." -Lewis Henry "old schlitz... both getz you LITZ!"