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  • Posted in thread: HomeBrewSupply Amcyl Brew Kettle w/ 3-Piece Ball Valve Giveaway! on 07-28-2015 at 11:13 AM

  • Posted in thread: How do you whirlpool? on 07-23-2015 at 03:01 PM
    Does that get you a hop cone in the center of the kettle at the end of the whirlpool tho? That
    works for distributing hops, but usually not great for separating wort from trub.Nope, but I
    don't care.

  • Posted in thread: Tips on Wood Aging. on 07-19-2015 at 05:49 PM
    Sounds good. I would taste along the way, but I'm assuming you know that already.

  • Posted in thread: Conan Yeast Experiences on 07-17-2015 at 06:30 PM
    I had some Conan yeast I harvested from a starter that was in the fridge for 9 months. I made a
    starter, then a 1 gal batch and then used the slurry in the HT clone recipe on here and it came
    out grea...

  • Posted in thread: How do you whirlpool? on 07-17-2015 at 12:44 PM
    I do the cheap and easy method. I use my immersion chiller to drop down to the temp I want to
    whirlpool at. Then I remove it, throw in the hops, stir, put on the lid. I stir every 5 minutes
    and replac...

  • Posted in thread: Tips on Wood Aging. on 07-16-2015 at 07:20 PM
    Whats the point of using a "worn out" oak source?You've mentioned you have over-oaked your
    beer, right? To avoid that, that's why. I want to bulk age longer on the oak and not adding the
    liquid allows...

  • Posted in thread: Chilling those last few degrees... on 07-16-2015 at 04:37 PM
    According this this one experiment, what you are doing won't make a noticable difference.In the
    winter, I usually cool to fermentation temp (~65F), but in the summer I usually only go down to
    around 7...

  • Posted in thread: Tips on Wood Aging. on 07-16-2015 at 11:59 AM
    I can't imagine why someone would soak oak in alcohol (whisky/vodka/whatever) and not include
    the alcohol.The only reason to do that would be to extract the tannins and lessen the remaining
    flavor in ...

  • Posted in thread: OFFICIAL Kate the Great Russian Imperial Stout Clone on 07-15-2015 at 12:24 PM
    I used Danstar CBC-1 yeast at bottling about 3 weeks ago. Haven't opened one yet.

  • Posted in thread: Heady Topper- Can you clone it? on 07-15-2015 at 03:47 AM
    Set it to 61%AA. Enter your amount as "13.5 ml". It will convert it to ounces but just add the
    13.5 ml.


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