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  • Posted in thread: Healthy home brew? on 09-07-2014 at 10:50 PM
    Need some help here. I can't seam to find any answers online, so I need The homebrew talk
    scientist here to think through this with me.A few questions:Everyone knows by now that massive
    amounts of sug...

  • Posted in thread: Lego wine. on 05-29-2013 at 11:59 AM
    Who said anything about selling? Glass for plastic. Magic bottles.

  • Posted in thread: Lego wine. on 05-29-2013 at 05:32 AM
    Hello all, call me crazy, I have an idea, and its gonna be fun.My boys are getting into Legos,
    and they love spending that time with dad. The cost of buying new sets is not a likely option
    for us so h...

  • Posted in thread: FT: persimmon wine, apple, hot pepper garlic marrinade. on 05-04-2013 at 08:27 PM
    Persimmon is sweet, and about 12.5 with a thick, if distiller will turn to great brandy,Apple
    is semi sweet, taste like a jolly rancherBoth are wild picked apples and persimmonsHot pepper
    marinade is ...

  • Posted in thread: What s the best way to make large batches of wine on 05-01-2013 at 05:24 AM
    Just wandering how to expand past 5 gallon, to 10 or 15 20+ gallons at a time. What type of
    vessel is used

  • Posted in thread: Muskadine in 50 gallon barrell on 05-01-2013 at 05:13 AM
    Anyone ever try this? Is it gone make muscadine taste Wierd? Where's the best place to get a
    new one?What happens if I use a used one?

  • Posted in thread: Watermellon wine safe to drink? Help on 05-01-2013 at 05:10 AM
    No I'm sure that is where I went wrong

  • Posted in thread: Wine trade on 04-29-2013 at 03:20 PM
    Hey everyone, just an update mulberry is gone.Have in bottles: apple, persimmon, and hot pepper
    wine.The hot pepper could be drank, but it is an amazing marinade , if you drink it its gonna
    taste like...

  • Posted in thread: Watermellon wine safe to drink? Help on 04-28-2013 at 07:06 PM
    Hello all. I have a batch of watermelon wine I tried to make last summer. It always smelled
    funky, and I tried splash racking. About 6 months ago. I had a friend try it and he likes it,
    but he is an a...

  • Posted in thread: Wine trade on 04-27-2013 at 01:33 PM
    William, just an update. I have gotten very busy the last 2 days with work, and was not able to
    ship, when I went to look for a box, I did not have one. I will locate one and package up on
    Sunday. Wil...