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  • Posted in thread: How much for a propane boil? on 05-04-2011 at 02:47 PM
    FWIW, most U-Haul places also fill up 20# propane tanks- I think it cost me $16 back in August
    or so.

  • Posted in thread: How did German Immigrants in the mid 1800s brew lagers in Texas? on 05-04-2011 at 02:16 PM
    TwoGunz, I didn't really research it so much as just googled around and relied on the work of
    others. I can't say its 100% accurate. This winter I may attempt to re-create an early Texas
    lager, which ...

  • Posted in thread: Computer Geeks Please ITT Tech VS DeVry on 04-27-2011 at 08:47 PM
    I disagree, look at how many jobs are out there for IT. Do a simple search on and
    you'll see there are jobs out there. The problem with unemployed IT guys are they are either
    outdated, live...

  • Posted in thread: best way to die. on 04-26-2011 at 04:06 PM
    At a London Brewery, Oct 16 1814, a vat of beer burst open and sent a 25-foot tidal wave of
    beer into the streets drowning 8 people. Many more rushed the streets to scoop up the free
    beerI read that, ...

  • Posted in thread: Shelf life of bottled homebrew? on 04-25-2011 at 08:29 PM
    I did the obligatory searches, but I didn't find much about this topic.Anyway, I recently
    cracked open a bottle of my light lager that I brewed back in late Nov. 2009, and lagered until
    about a year a...

  • Posted in thread: Futurama Beer Names! on 04-20-2011 at 07:06 PM
    (morbo) annihilator doppelbockit will destroy you!!!(damn thing won't let me do all-caps!)

  • Posted in thread: Star San disaster... on 04-14-2011 at 01:45 PM
    I had the same leaky cap problem- my bottle tipped over in one of my boxes of brewing stuff,
    and it soaked in and partially dissolved the cardboard.(!)

  • Posted in thread: So the mrs is pregnant... on 04-14-2011 at 01:43 PM
    My wife's due in August, and I have a CAP lagering, as well as plans to do an IPA to be ready
    by then as well. I suspect that the beer will be for me, my father-in-law, brother and father,
    and possibl...

  • Posted in thread: Brewing with Rice on 04-12-2011 at 01:49 PM
    Any reason I couldn't just cook the rice in my rice cooker, then just chuck it into the mash
    (with proper temp calcs of course)? Seems like it's properly gelatinized and cooked, so the
    enzymes would b...

  • Posted in thread: Conversion of Briess Pilsen LME to All Grain on 04-07-2011 at 02:01 PM
    If it were me, I'd just go with 7 lbs of 2-row or 7 lbs of pilsner, along with 2.5 lbs of
    Munich, probably in the 10 L range, and .5 lbs carapils.No real point in not rounding up/down
    to the nearest h...