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  • Posted in thread: Something went wrong with cider. on 07-27-2016 at 06:29 AM
    There are certain juice blends that produce great ciders, but not many of them. Welch's and
    Great Value brand white grape peach blend makes a fantastic cider used by itself or added to
    apple juice/cid...

  • Posted in thread: Juice and yeast, good, but non carbonated on 07-27-2016 at 06:22 AM
    Try leaving your new cider alone for three weeks before checking for carbonation. Cider is
    always best with aging; if you can wait three months or more you will be greatly rewarded for
    your patience.W...

  • Posted in thread: Cider with Peach on 07-27-2016 at 06:14 AM
    Look in the canned fruit section of your local grocery store. Pour off the heavy syrup (or not)
    and mash the fruit to add to your cider. I have had good results using this method. If you can
    find the ...

  • Posted in thread: Adding back apple flavor on 07-27-2016 at 06:03 AM
    I racked my latest batch off of the lees today, after cold crashing for two weeks (I was really
    busy.) The flavor is amazing and it's intended purpose is to make apple jack. Six pounds of
    mashed Grann...

  • Posted in thread: Adding back apple flavor on 07-26-2016 at 05:28 AM
    Bottle pasteurizing wasn't mentioned here. If you bottle pasteurize you can have cider that is
    both sweet and fizzy, or sweet and still w/o adding chemicals to your cider(s).I use FAJC to
    boost the fl...

  • Posted in thread: Best Yeast for my Cider? on 07-26-2016 at 05:07 AM
    After trying many different yeasts, on a fluke I purchased some Sweet Mead Yeast 4184 and could
    not be happier. Granted this yeast doesn't stop fermenting until 12% ABV so it will make a BIG
    cider, bu...

  • Posted in thread: Infection - Is there still hope? on 07-26-2016 at 04:45 AM
    There are no known pathogens that grow in beer that will hurt humans. It may taste funky, but
    it won't send you to the E.R.

  • Posted in thread: natural ways to leave a little sweetness on 07-14-2016 at 06:49 AM
    I have tried many different yeast strains to make hard cider with and they have all finished
    dry when left to finish fermenting. I recently tried 4184 Sweet Mead yeast as it is touted to
    leave a littl...

  • Posted in thread: Who's smoking meat this weekend? on 07-14-2016 at 01:06 AM
    This evening's meal is St. Louis pork ribs done in a Masterbuilt XL propane smoker; mostly
    hickory with a little apple wood mixed in. Three racks of ribs for me, mom and the girls, and
    all the trim pi...

  • Posted in thread: Dilute apple cider with water? on 07-03-2016 at 07:05 AM
    A 2 gallon carboy is much better than a 5 gallon carboy with that small of a volume of juice.
    When I brew beer, I run everything from the BK into the fermenter through a set of paint
    filters so very l...

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December 30, 2014  •  06:35 AM
Minden Man ,
Good to see a local with similar interests. I'm up in Spanish Springs. Just got into brewing this summer, and all I do at night is read about brewing. And just bought a whole bunch more equipment off craigslist. I'd like to pick your brain in the future on the cider thing. That will be in the next brew or two. Does Costco have an appropriate apple juice or FJC? They have a good price on honey for the mead I have planned.
December 31, 2014  •  07:50 PM
@modelafish, Ask me anything you want, I will help you as much as I can. For a new cider maker, I suggest going store bought at least the first couple of batches. The apple juice that Costco sells is fine, and most any FJC will work too. I make a lot of apple jack, so it is not uncommon for me to add 3 cans of FAJC into a 1 gallon batch. I do not add them all at once to not stress the yeast. I use Pasteur Red (not Champagne) yeast to make my ciders now, and even at 18% ABV, there is still apple flavor before concentrating.