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  • Posted in thread: And this is why im still a Newb! on 08-05-2015 at 03:29 AM
    I agree that 4 oz of priming sugar for 4 gallons of ale should not cause bottle bombs. Your
    beer might end up as fizzy as store-bought yellow fizzy beer, and since that is what most of us
    grew up on, ...

  • Posted in thread: Apple schnapps into the mix? on 08-04-2015 at 06:52 AM
    Unless you are planning on making a very dry cider, apple juice concentrate will fortify the
    flavor at bottling; anything that adds a touch of sweetness will really fortify the natural
    flavor. I am th...

  • Posted in thread: Aloha from Hawaii (Oahu) on 08-04-2015 at 06:38 AM
    Howzit brah! Howda lefts yah?

  • Posted in thread: Imperial stout guidance on 08-04-2015 at 06:04 AM
    Coffee flavors: chocolate malt and de-bittered black, or brown malt. Raisin-Toffee: a touch of
    C-120. I don't know how long you plan on aging your I-S before drinking, but in my experience
    (a few time...

  • Posted in thread: Dogs on 08-01-2015 at 04:04 PM
    My Doberman, Heidi, has thunder phobia. We adopted her from the Humane Society so we have no
    info on her history. Funny thing though, if I take her for a walk inside the local Home Depot
    (I take her t...

  • Posted in thread: Ideal yeast selection for flavor vs. time tradeoff on 08-01-2015 at 03:43 PM
    I use Red Star Pasteur Red (not the Champagne type) Yeast for all my ciders. I add approx. 1
    tsp of yeast per gallon of 1.070-ish cider, and 24 hours later I add 1/8 tsp Fermaid-K, 1/8 tsp
    DAP, and 1/...

  • Posted in thread: Seen Yooper Avatar on the News tonight on 08-01-2015 at 03:29 PM
    Well Yoop, you could always convince him what a bad boy he was being; your avatar does imply
    you don't take sh!t from anyone. :)

  • Posted in thread: Creating a sweet without pasteurisation? on 07-31-2015 at 11:10 PM
    Stevia granules do not contain fermentable carbohydrates, Splenda granules do. My wife makes
    incredible low carb desserts, but it takes a combination of different sweeteners so there is no
    "fake" tast...

  • Posted in thread: Creating a sweet without pasteurisation? on 07-30-2015 at 06:42 AM
    To avoid using the stove and having a fizzy cider, you will need to add unfermentable sugars at
    bottling time along with your secret "stuff" et al.

  • Posted in thread: Windows 10 - Finally some sanity on 07-30-2015 at 06:35 AM
    Windows 10, Windows 10, Windows, well, you get the point. With the exception of some of the HP
    Security Ware that Win 10 didn't like (that I won't miss anyway), everything else on my system
    is 100% ha...

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Aging from last year: Hard Cider, Triple Chocolate Stout, American Amber II First fermenter: American Mild Second fermenter: Empty Long term aging: Strong Scottish Ale, American Stout 3 new hard ciders, first is a Apple Raspberry, second will be a Apple Grape, and third Apple Cranberry. These will all become Jacked Ciders
December 30, 2014  •  06:35 AM
Minden Man ,
Good to see a local with similar interests. I'm up in Spanish Springs. Just got into brewing this summer, and all I do at night is read about brewing. And just bought a whole bunch more equipment off craigslist. I'd like to pick your brain in the future on the cider thing. That will be in the next brew or two. Does Costco have an appropriate apple juice or FJC? They have a good price on honey for the mead I have planned.
December 31, 2014  •  07:50 PM
@modelafish, Ask me anything you want, I will help you as much as I can. For a new cider maker, I suggest going store bought at least the first couple of batches. The apple juice that Costco sells is fine, and most any FJC will work too. I make a lot of apple jack, so it is not uncommon for me to add 3 cans of FAJC into a 1 gallon batch. I do not add them all at once to not stress the yeast. I use Pasteur Red (not Champagne) yeast to make my ciders now, and even at 18% ABV, there is still apple flavor before concentrating.

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