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  • Posted in thread: Rye Saison Q: Brett or mixed? on 02-04-2016 at 07:12 PM
    Thanks guys for the responses guys. I'll try to answer them in order. I want a dry, but not
    extremely tart saison. I was indeed talking about Humulus. The idea of a split batch does
    interest me for my...

  • Posted in thread: Rye Saison Q: Brett or mixed? on 02-04-2016 at 01:58 PM
    I'm making my first sour next weekend and decided to go with a rye saison since I've made a ton
    of clean saisons (using WLP565) and feel most comfortable with that style. My plan is a week in
    primary ...

  • Posted in thread: Do I need to wait for the pellicle to fall? on 01-31-2016 at 02:42 AM
    Does Sofie have brett in it? I thought it was a clean saison.

  • Posted in thread: Vittles Vault o-rings??? on 01-29-2016 at 07:11 PM
    Random request, but I have been trying for months to contact Gamma2 for new o-rings. I have
    stretched mine from over-tightening them through out the years. I have contacted the email
    address on the we...

  • Posted in thread: Greenlee Punches for Sale on 01-18-2016 at 07:53 PM
    Still available?

  • Posted in thread: Brett in Secondary time needed? on 01-10-2016 at 06:52 AM
    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try to scoop up some of these and give it a shoot.

  • Posted in thread: Brett in Secondary time needed? on 01-09-2016 at 05:40 PM
    These videos are great, despite some random ramblings. He talks about primary temps but doesn't
    mention secondary/aging temps. Anyone have something to add on that? Beergolf- I have a ton of
    WLP565 fr...

  • Posted in thread: Ferm Chamber sanitation with sour mash on 12-30-2015 at 07:12 PM
    Hello,I'm trying to figure out the logistics of doing my first sour. I do not want to introduce
    any cold-side bacteria yet as I don't have a second set of ferm equipment laying around that I
    can dedic...

  • Posted in thread: Winter Gose (Cranberry-Orange-Hibiscus) on 12-30-2015 at 02:31 PM
    What does your water profile look like on this? I usually start everything with RO and build
    from there.Interested in the same. Any input from OP?

  • Posted in thread: eHERMS Design Question on 10-31-2015 at 03:05 PM
    I'm building a similar setup. Not to jack your thread but what HERMS coil are you using for
    your HLT and how close are you going to be to the BoilCoil?

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