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  • Posted in thread: Chocolate Raspberry Mead (First Mead Attempt) on 12-18-2015 at 08:54 PM
    Chocolate is very hard. I tried a couple but didn't have much success.For a creamy mouth feel
    that adds a little sweetness (no much) use lactose. It is a non-fermentable sugar but it is
    about 1/4 as s...

  • Posted in thread: Just dumped two batches due to vinegary taste/smell on 12-18-2015 at 08:41 PM
    Don't dump mead. It can make a great marinade or in this case a base for a salad dressing. I
    have a watermelon batch that tastes like the rind and I use it to cook pork roast or shredded
    pork in the c...

  • Posted in thread: Angry wife on 12-18-2015 at 08:36 PM
    In my living room, I have a spot in a corner that we never could figure out what to put in. It
    was small but large enough for my 8 brewing vessels. 3 buckets, the rest glass carboys. I even
    just hung ...

  • Posted in thread: Aging mead? on 11-30-2015 at 08:48 PM
    I would say that sulfates do not typically harm or cause allergies to come about. It isn't like
    a red wine. You use so little of it, I actually just us Potassium Sorbate myself. The important
    thing he...

  • Posted in thread: Here's a dumb question on 10-27-2015 at 10:15 PM
    I use a sanitized turkey baster. Works great for me.Ditto

  • Posted in thread: Batch Sparging in Mead Recipe-confused on 10-27-2015 at 10:10 PM
    I agree, Sparging is a beer brewing term, not a mead brewing term. I would ignore that step and
    simply heat the honey and water to the point that it blends together nicely. Then cool down to
    80 or les...

  • Posted in thread: Dessert Mead on 09-23-2015 at 08:32 PM
    I am not sure if a cocoa extract will taste much like chocolate. I don't know. It is worth
    working an experiment though. It might work.As far as fruit/honey and sanitizing. I don't feel
    it necessary. ...

  • Posted in thread: Dessert Mead on 09-18-2015 at 05:42 PM
    Ok a few suggestions:"Heat about a half gallon of water to 150, add honey, continue to heat
    till temperature hits 160 and maintain for 5 minutes. Try to finish the next part at about the
    same time as ...

  • Posted in thread: Cinnamon and Vanilla addition - raw vs tincture? on 09-03-2015 at 09:32 PM
    Personally, for Vanilla, I have found it easier to make the Tincture or Extract and add that.
    For one, it makes it so you can measure how much you put in and replicate it better but either
    way works w...

  • Posted in thread: advice on a blueberry melomel on 08-19-2015 at 10:42 PM
    I suggest you put the fruit in the secondary and add lemon juice. Lemon Juice will help
    emphasize the flavor of the blueberry. Trust me it works.