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  • At 14 years of age, while thumbing through an Old Farmer's Almanac, I read an article on how to make Mead. The whole idea of being able to turn a sweet liquid into wine really peaked my interest, so I tried it using my moms baker's yeast. I hid the gallon jug in my closet and watched in amazement as it fermented. The sound of the homemade airlock constantly bubbling during the night became a soothing sound to me as tried to fall asleep. After 6 months of waiting, I tasted it and ended up dumping it out. It wasn't very good at all but I've had an interest in homebrewing ever since and eventually started brewing extract kit beers and then moved on to all grain brewing and Apple and Pear Ciders.
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  • Posted in thread: Bottling an Apfelwein on 04-14-2014 at 04:38 PM
    I've bottle primed that same recipe in the past. Like kdog said, it will ferment out pretty
    dry. I did have some variation in bottle pressure between different 5 gallon batches though due
    to all of th...

  • Posted in thread: growing your own barley.... on 04-14-2014 at 04:20 PM
    I've grown 6 row Barley before by just broadcasting it on the ground and raking lightly. It's
    not too picky and easy to grow. I didn't fertilize mine at all and it grew very well. I didn't
    brew with i...

  • Posted in thread: crapy dirt in Georgia on 05-22-2008 at 06:17 AM
    I dug 3 holes today 2x2x2 and I had to use a pick axe to do it. I filled them with water trying
    to saturate the dirt/clay around them. What would be the best mixture of potting soil to fill
    them with?...

  • Posted in thread: Hops harvest forcasts... on 05-19-2008 at 07:24 PM
    Sorry, I didn't even realize there was a seperate forum for general questions like this. Well,
    not until after I posted it.

  • Posted in thread: Hops harvest forcasts... on 05-19-2008 at 07:15 PM
    Does anyone have any news on the Hops harvest forcasts for this year? :confused:

  • Posted in thread: First all grain brew, OG only 1.038 on 05-19-2008 at 07:02 PM
    Aw man, I just finished brewing my second all grain brew a few minutes ago.... I now have a big
    bowl of beans and corn bread in front of me to eat!!!! llol I love beans and cornbread!!Beans
    and Cornbr...

  • Posted in thread: Is all grain ALOT better than extract? on 03-09-2008 at 05:49 PM
    Thanks for the input guys. Makes me a little less afraid of getting $50 of ingredients and
    ruining them :) Think the partial mash makes sense for a first, as you said it gives you a test
    without divin...

  • Posted in thread: No, it's not chill haze. on 02-25-2008 at 02:01 PM
    IM glad im not alone too, I think it is possible that it may be the crush. I did notice that
    the beer was cloudy in the runoff: Most of my beers run off clear (even though there is still
    grain particl...

  • Posted in thread: Any barley growers out there on 02-03-2008 at 04:38 PM
    Hi AllI am a homebrewer and gardener who hates mowing the lawn. Therefore, I am replacing lawn
    with garden. I currently grow Willamette hops and am going to expand into a couple more
    varieties this ye...

  • Posted in thread: Man, I love Apfelwein on 01-22-2008 at 06:36 PM
    I made a batch on friday (1/18) followed directions very carefully, even used the same Red Star
    Montrachet yeast. It is sitting @ 66-68 degrees, it's been about 30 hours and no airlock
    activity, any s...

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