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  • Posted in thread: Lambrusco on 12-28-2009 at 02:07 AM
    My wife finally found a red wine she liked it was the Lambrusco from Olive Garden. (its sweet)
    However I can not find a Lambrusco kit. If anyone knows where I can buy the kit or knows of
    another "like...

  • Posted in thread: Foam... SO MUCH Foam.... on 03-28-2009 at 04:35 AM
    I had the same problem not long ago. I tried everything differnt size lines, decrease psi, and
    even bought longer lines. None of those things worked. It turns out it was just the keg. I
    finished the k...

  • Posted in thread: Foam from Keg on 03-22-2009 at 06:14 PM
    I did purge it several times and then hooked up to 10psi. So if it's over carbed it will bleed
    of over time? Do I need to disconnect the Co2 for a couple days?

  • Posted in thread: Foam from Keg on 03-22-2009 at 05:35 PM
    Well I finally got a keg system going. I am getting nothing but foam. I have tried to turn down
    the PSI to almost nothing and still nothing but foam...please help.I carbed 4 days with the
    shake method...

  • Posted in thread: Whoops! Bought Lager recipe but can't lager... on 09-04-2008 at 02:36 AM
    You could try and wait a month and let it cool down a few degrees. Not sure what your temp
    control would be to keep it warm through winter weather?

  • Posted in thread: Taste changes over time on 08-23-2008 at 10:31 PM
    I would like to know of a way to "stop" the process as well. I just started brewing about 3
    months ago...about 12 under my belt now 10 AG . Anyway I made a blonde ale that i didnt care
    for to much dri...

  • Posted in thread: Real Dilemma - (new neighbor also a homebrewer) on 08-12-2008 at 01:37 AM
    hell give me his address ill pay him a said he's got beer :mug:and i brew like
    you...on a whim and my way:rockin:

  • Posted in thread: California Common "Steamin Ale" on 08-01-2008 at 11:33 PM
    It is a lager brewed at ale temps....Steamin ale. Im not sure exactly what the lager taste is
    supposed to be just that i brewed at the higher end of the yeast temps and it was good. I would
    recomend i...

  • Posted in thread: First Lager on 07-31-2008 at 12:05 AM
    Maybe im a little confused by the decoction....I was going to do the decoction after my sach
    rest of 60min to bring it up to 169 to mash out temps. as Kai suggested

  • Posted in thread: First Lager on 07-29-2008 at 07:16 PM
    Ok so i picked up the Wyeast 2206, figured i could use it later...more so than the Oktoberfest.
    ALso decided i would do the 130 rest for 20 min bring to sach 155 for 60, then do my decoction.
    Plan on ...