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  • Posted in thread: Cold Break Brewing Microbrew Series Giveaway - Open to All! on 06-25-2015 at 12:57 AM
    Thank you for having this giveaway.Cheers!

  • Posted in thread: Black ale and Heifweizen question. on 04-01-2012 at 11:09 PM
    I've used 2112 at 65-68 and I had great results.

  • Posted in thread: Need advice on my first Alt on 04-01-2012 at 11:05 PM
    Maybe add another 1oz of hops at 5min left in the boil. Hallertau?Why Cold condition for 4
    weeks at 40-42? Your using an Ale yeast.

  • Posted in thread: British Yeasts, Fermentation Temps and Profiles, CYBI, Other Thoughts... on 03-27-2012 at 06:46 PM
    Beirhaus15,I just found this thread, looking for answers on my issues using 1968.I decided to
    use this yeast for my ESB. I fermented 3 weeks at 65 degrees. The yeast cake was alarming hard
    and dry, bu...

  • Posted in thread: How about getting more info in the instructions. on 12-15-2011 at 11:07 PM
    Instructions are just that, how to brew the beer. Think of it as your the cook and the
    instructions are a recipe.How did you become a cook? By cooking and learning and reading and or
    going to school.I...

  • Posted in thread: DME Late additions on 12-12-2011 at 11:45 PM
    Doesn't matter when you add the rest, but you do need some in the beginning for hop
    utilization. Corn sugar can be added anytime, just hot enough that it dissolves. You can do it
    when you add your lat...

  • Posted in thread: Tips for removing labels and that sticky glue? on 11-23-2011 at 05:40 PM
    Most people use Oxyclean, I currently use 2-3 tablespoons of ammonia in bucket of water. With
    the 5-6 bottles, most labels slide off in a matter of hours.

  • Posted in thread: Need HELP harvesting yeast on 11-23-2011 at 05:36 PM
    I know that in my little world if I use 1 cup of trub/yeast directly from cake and it goes into
    the next batch within a few hours everything works great.This is what I do in my world as well.
    1 cup is...

  • Posted in thread: The ways of using extract? on 11-11-2011 at 10:31 PM
    Flameout = "end of boil"

  • Posted in thread: Spice Conversion on 10-27-2011 at 12:04 AM
    4 level teaspoons comes to 15 grams ish. The missus sent me downstairs, buy scales
    :pBtw, those calcs are off - 1oz is 28g, .5oz is 14g. Double check on your recipe!Your right,
    it was a typo...