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  • Posted in thread: New to All Grain on 04-07-2015 at 03:49 AM
    Recipe looks fine. You'll want to do a 90 min boil since there is Pilsner malt in the recipe.
    This is because Pils contains more DMS precursers and the longer boil will help to drive them
    off.If you t...

  • Posted in thread: Help needed please on 04-14-2013 at 03:51 PM
    Hey so based on your OG, I estimate that it will finish in about the 1.020 range. I totally
    agree with the cat...Great job going off the deep end with your first brew and don't stress
    about the OG. Le...

  • Posted in thread: Help needed please on 04-14-2013 at 06:37 AM
    What yeast did you use? I will then run the numbers for you based only on the starting gravity.
    So it will be a rough estimate. Likely less than 1.033, it is more of a percentage of
    attenuation than a...

  • Posted in thread: Make Me a Hop Addition Schedule on 04-10-2013 at 02:06 PM
    O.G. came in at 1.063.As far as IBU's goes, after punching in the AA for the hops I used, I
    came to 46.23. I will see how it turns out. It smelled pretty good coming out of the fermenter,
    but I agree ...

  • Posted in thread: Make Me a Hop Addition Schedule on 04-10-2013 at 01:05 AM
    So here is what I ended up going with. Thanks for the recommendations.0.5 Warrior at 60 min0.5
    Warrior at 30 min0.25 Citra at 15 Min0.25 Citra at flameout0.50 Cascade at flameout0.5 Citra
    Dry Hop1.5 C...

  • Posted in thread: Home Brewing for Dummies on 04-08-2013 at 03:26 PM
    I started with reading the online version of John Palmer's How to brew. I found it to be a
    great resource, however like stated above the print version is likely better/more up to date. I
    have not read...

  • Posted in thread: Fermentation on 04-07-2013 at 09:41 PM
    As long as 65 is the range for the yeast you are using, don't touch a thing. Otherwise rasie
    the temp into that range.

  • Posted in thread: cleaning my stuff on 04-07-2013 at 09:34 PM
    Only use the star san for sanitation, but I like to use it for cleaning if I have some left
    over after I am done sanitizing. For general cleaning I use PBW (Powered Brewery Cleaner) and
    warm water. It...

  • Posted in thread: OG question on 04-07-2013 at 04:08 AM
    The fluctuation in temperature may have something to do with it, however I am not convinced.
    Would you mind posting up the recipe? Copy paste my template and fill out the values that

  • Posted in thread: OG question on 04-06-2013 at 11:22 PM
    Short Answer: Yes you can (make sure to boil it and cool it first). Long Answer: How low are
    you? If it is low enough that the alcohol content would be sufficient, I wouldn't do it and
    just take rigou...

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