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  • Posted in thread: Gnawing Questions on 01-06-2007 at 03:23 AM
    Each vile is good for one batch of beer. A starter will verify that the yeast is good and
    increase the cell count which decreases the lag time between pitching and the start of
    fermentation. Under pit...

  • Posted in thread: Pumpkin Ale on 09-09-2006 at 05:56 PM
    I just racked into a keg and took a taste. It is really good and the pumpkin flavor is coming
    through well. I probably only got about 4 gallons in all, since there was another 2-3 inches of
    trub on th...

  • Posted in thread: Pumpkin Ale on 09-03-2006 at 10:09 PM
    I dont bother taking the gravity anymore. It never seemed to be what it should when I used to
    take the starting gravity and I worried to much about it, so eventually I just stopped all
    together.The pu...

  • Posted in thread: Pumpkin Ale on 09-03-2006 at 12:32 AM
    After reading all of the pumpkin ale recipes on the board I decided to try one of my own. This
    first started out as Samuel Smiths Winter Welcome clone(was looking to do a winter\christmas
    ale) but I d...

  • Posted in thread: Vanilla Caramel Milk Ale on 08-23-2006 at 01:57 AM
    Yea, I heard vanilla mellows out in a few weeks. I let it age around 2 months, but I still did
    not like it enough to drink it. I do have a few that I bottled, so I will probably crack one
    open sometim...

  • Posted in thread: Vanilla Caramel Milk Ale on 08-23-2006 at 01:13 AM
    I think it's just me. You're not. This was the first batch I dumped. I just never got over how
    strong the vanilla was. If I ever do anything with vanilla again I will not use more then 2oz.

  • Posted in thread: Boom-Boom vanilla overpowering? on 06-24-2006 at 03:17 PM
    I made this one and had the same reaction as you. I let it sit for about two months since
    people said it would mellow out. After two months I dumped it. It was nasty. I may never add
    vanilla extract t...

  • Posted in thread: Caramel cream ale? on 04-11-2006 at 01:56 AM
    Has anyone who brewed this thought that 6 oz. of vanilla is way to much? I brewed this a few
    months ago and I will never add more than 3 oz. of vanilla to anything again.

  • Posted in thread: Ageing in Kegerator? on 02-08-2006 at 02:05 AM
    I just made a Vanilla Cream Ale posted in the Recipe forum. My first impression was that the
    vanilla was too strong(2oz in primary, 4oz at bottling). I already chilled and carbonated the
    beer and it i...

  • Posted in thread: Problems with New Batch? on 10-15-2005 at 10:34 PM
    I brewed a stout I got from AHS. The recipe included 10lbs of Dark LME, 3/4lbs Crystal 40L,
    1.3lbs Black Barley, 1/3lbs Black Patent, and 1oz Dark Chocolate. Anyways, when I got this kit
    I had also or...