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  • Posted in thread: Hoegaarden Clone came out kinda flavorless :'( on 06-26-2015 at 01:59 AM
    Put an ounce of corriander and the zest of a few oranges in a tea ball and drop that in the keg
    for a week or so. It should help.

  • Posted in thread: Simple HLT control on 06-19-2015 at 03:57 PM
    Augie, thanks for the feedback, and I am planning on the mypin td4, the graphic I hacked just
    so happened to reference the auber. I saw where for about $40, I can get the pid, 40a ssr, and
    a pt-100 co...

  • Posted in thread: Simple HLT control on 06-18-2015 at 05:20 PM
    Couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I did this cut/paste hack job of a PJ
    original. I will use this for my HLT, and just boil with gas until I set up the boil kettle
    with an element. The ...

  • Posted in thread: Odell IPA Clone? on 12-03-2014 at 07:39 PM
    Regardless of the grain bill, in my opinion the hop schedule will require some late additions
    of Citra or Galaxy, in order to truly finish out the correct hop profile. Citra has only been
    mentioned a ...

  • Posted in thread: Auber Digital SSR Power Regulator for Wort Boiling Control on 10-08-2014 at 06:27 PM
    Has anyone used one of these? I was looking at the SSVR40A at first, but then saw this right
    below it. want to build a panel with one PID for HLT, and a knob controlled variable control
    for the Boil....

  • Posted in thread: Collar Porn on 06-10-2014 at 06:19 PM
    No woodburning, but I did do a large painted logo, by scanning my small logo, mirroring it,
    printing large scale, taping to the top of plexi-glass and painting the underside. Worked
    great, and protect...

  • Posted in thread: Skeeter Pee on 05-21-2014 at 12:58 PM
    drank my first SP and did not get a buzz. It was almost like drinking Kool-Aid. started at
    1.070 and finished at you meant a final gravity of .994 that comes out to
    10.1% ABV. You a...

  • Posted in thread: New Glarus Moon Man Clone Help on 01-27-2014 at 02:05 PM
    Falconers flight 7C is definitely not in this, as I just made a smash with it. Sorry I'm going
    off topic, but you are correct in that statement. I made an all late addition /dry hop smash of
    7c beer, ...

  • Posted in thread: Cocoa nibs on 11-12-2013 at 03:45 PM
    soak them in a little booze, then dump them in like a dry hop 10 days

  • Posted in thread: Pumpkin Pie Spice Booger on 11-06-2013 at 07:06 PM
    I guess that could be possible, but those typically float, this was just more of a congealed
    mass on the bottom of the jar, and had zero off flavor associated with it. (the liquid, not the
    booger itse...