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  • Prog rock, old heavy stuff
  • I love most film (no chick flicks).
  • Dr. Who, Mythbusters
  • BLAM (current), City of Thieves, Blood Meridian
  • I brew like a monk.
  • I mostly brew one Belgian recipe that I tweak each time. Sort of a Golden Strong/tripel. I'm doing others when I get crazy.
  • Bohemian lager
  • Dont secondary
  • Lost count.
  • Dont keg.
  • Male
  • Married
  • Bloomington
  • IN


  • Posted in thread: Who is Brewing this 4th of July....or at least the weekend? on 07-02-2015 at 02:18 PM
    I'll be brewing a saison over the weekend but a couple years back I brewed a special 4th of
    July beer with Victory malt and Liberty hops.Love it. I'm brewing a 14g batch of a simple pale
    on the 4th. A...

  • Posted in thread: So who's brewing this weekend? on 07-02-2015 at 05:05 AM
    Brewing 12-14g of a straight up pale on Saturday, 14lbs of 2-row, ~8lbs Marris to keep it
    interesting, 3oz ea of Cascade and Citra. S-05. I plan to drink heavily and blow stuff up also.
    My beers aren'...

  • Posted in thread: Early harvest (Western PA), or garden problem? on 07-02-2015 at 04:46 AM
    I have two big Santiam plants with almost the same situation. They got big and I didn't bother
    trimming back what I should have. Lots of large cones on the verge of papery. I'm going to do a
    rolling h...

  • Posted in thread: SS Brewing Technologies "That's a ton of Stuff!" Giveaway on 09-10-2014 at 11:22 AM
    I'm in!

  • Posted in thread: Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone on 05-08-2014 at 02:28 PM
    Jamil is definitely a expert and very knowledgeable and I am someone who plays around with
    making beer on my patio, so I am not going to say he is wrong.I always find him slightly
    conservative about s...

  • Posted in thread: Classic rookie mistake - did I ruin my first batch? on 05-07-2014 at 02:03 AM
    The yeast didn't read the recipe ;) and they ferment on their own schedule, depending on food
    supply, temperature, initial pitching rate, initial O2 supply. So, in other words, the recipe
    FG is a guid...

  • Posted in thread: Soooo my fiancée may have cold crashed my wheat beer on 05-05-2014 at 12:11 PM
    What was the OG, and what yeast is it? Yeast won't die, but they would end their phase and drop
    out of suspension into hibernation. Warming it up doesn't mean they will automagically restart,
    but they...

  • Posted in thread: Classic rookie mistake - did I ruin my first batch? on 04-30-2014 at 05:10 PM
    FYI - don't use water in your airlock. It can (and will) get sucked into your beer for various
    reasons.Use vodka.

  • Posted in thread: Three Floyds Zombie Dust Clone on 04-28-2014 at 06:15 PM
    Skeezer, you asked if I was going to add apricots when I said I would bend this a little
    towards Magic Hat 9. I ended up bottling 12 G, and put apricot flavoring (I know, I know, I
    wanted EASY) in 4G ...

  • Posted in thread: 30 minutes into mash-in and missed temp!! on 04-20-2014 at 01:46 PM
    Thermometer may be the #1 most important piece of gear you have. I've got a 12" probe
    Thermoworks and can't recommend it enough. I can probe way down into the mash tun, different
    areas in the wort whe...

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