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  • Posted in thread: Need Advice - First brew - Imperial SMaSH IPA on 10-05-2015 at 05:44 PM
    I have no problem with my 66-67 degree basement fermentation.Will a temp controlled environment
    help make better beer? Sure, but lets not act like it can't be done without one.Obviously, it's

  • Posted in thread: Keeping a keezer outside? on 10-05-2015 at 05:40 PM
    Sub-freezing temperatures are not good for refrigeration units. I'd read that keeping a freezer
    outdoors will ruin it. I ignored that wisdom and bought a used one, keeping it in my garage
    anyway. It w...

  • Posted in thread: Do you cool your priming sugar solution? on 10-05-2015 at 03:28 PM
    OK good, I'm not alone. So if nobody actually bothers cooling their priming sugar solutions,
    why do we still include that step when repeating the instructions to newbies? :)

  • Posted in thread: Do you cool your priming sugar solution? on 10-05-2015 at 03:10 PM
    I know the conventional instructions for batch-priming a bottle-conditioned beer are to boil
    some water, mix in the prescribed amount of priming sugar, then cool it down, add it to the
    bottling bucket...

  • Posted in thread: The Martian on 10-05-2015 at 02:15 PM
    You know you're a homebrewer spot brewing gear in a space movie.Anyone else see the
    brewing rig in Furious 7?It's in the scene where Kurt Russell's character brings Vin Diesel
    back to the h...

  • Posted in thread: Flask vs Beaker? on 10-03-2015 at 04:59 PM
    Although I use Erlenmeyer flasks for my starters, I can confirm that stir bars work just fine
    in beakers. I use them when I'm rehydrating my dry yeast. The directions for US-05 specify to
    stir the yea...

  • Posted in thread: Darkened inside bottom or some kind of residue on brand new stainless brew kettle? on 10-03-2015 at 04:56 PM
    I use sponges with a stiffer, more abrasive finish on one side, they work great without leaving

  • Posted in thread: How do you whirlpool + hopstand with a plate chiller? on 10-03-2015 at 04:53 PM
    M00ps: yes, but then I'd be circulating break and hop gunk through my chiller, which I want to
    avoid. I sanitize my chiller by circulating StarSan through it.

  • Posted in thread: IPA Recipe Input - Need More Hop Flavor/Aroma on 10-02-2015 at 06:16 PM
    That's a pretty weak late/dry hop schedule. If you're really looking to amp up the hop flavour
    and aroma, I would drastically increase your late/dry hop additions. Cut the 15 and 5 minute
    additions en...

  • Posted in thread: General HTML How-To Question on 10-02-2015 at 05:52 PM
    That's BBCode, not HTML, but the answer is to wrap the text you want displayed in a [ url ] tag
    specifying the address you want to link it to. Like this:This is how you [ ]
    make text i...

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