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  • Posted in thread: Aluminum Keg on 09-21-2010 at 05:33 PM
    What do you mean by "Late returning it"? Late as in 30 years? I don't see why they wouldn't
    take it back, unless it is an outdated keg, then I'd say it's AL.That's aluminum .. cleaned up.
    Can't get de...

  • Posted in thread: Spa Panel with GFI Wiring on 09-11-2010 at 03:00 AM
    I guess if you are running all 220, you could use 3 wire, like the old clothes driers, but you
    lose your neutral than.

  • Posted in thread: Spa Panel with GFI Wiring on 09-11-2010 at 02:51 AM
    You need 4 wires for 220 (2 - Hot, Ground, Neutral). The 3 wire that you have is for 110, which
    is Hot, Neutral, Ground.Have to remember that Neutral carries power, so from what I'm reading,
    you are g...

  • Posted in thread: bottling from primary on 09-08-2010 at 03:07 AM
    I know there's a guy on youtube that adds the priming sugar to each individual bottle. I don't
    recall his reasoning for it or why he was doing it. I think it was just to have each bottle
    being a littl...

  • Posted in thread: kegworks on 09-08-2010 at 03:01 AM
    You can daisy chain them, just need to take the pressure release valve off.You could get
    something a lot cheaper....If you already have the shutoff's. I just went with one shutoff from
    my regulator, t...

  • Posted in thread: Nate's RIMs build - the brew throne on 09-08-2010 at 02:44 AM
    mine doesnt have SS (304/316) stamp on the side like most SS valves have.Just to be sure, these
    are the ones I've bought work well for me too, still I wish they were stainless as written in
    the add.T...

  • Posted in thread: Help with vintage keggle build? on 08-31-2010 at 11:01 PM
    It's a "Golden Gate" keg.

  • Posted in thread: Do you refill or exchange your CO2 bottles on 08-29-2010 at 02:44 AM
    I exchange and refill. I have one 20lb that I exchange and 2 20lbs that I get refilled, they
    aren't new and shinny, actually they are 34+ years old, they belonged to my grandpa, he was a
    Grain Belt Be...

  • Posted in thread: The dangers of multitasking... on 08-29-2010 at 02:36 AM
    At least that isn't as messy as sticking the tap on a full keg and having beer spray everywhere
    ... sad thing, I've done it 2 - 3 times! I never learn......

  • Posted in thread: Filling CO2, weights, tare, etc... sure I got it right but want to verify on 08-29-2010 at 02:34 AM
    And sometimes they just don't pay attention. I took in a tank that the last hydro test was in
    96. I told them I wanted that tank back and did not want an exchange, also told them it needed
    to be hydro...