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  • Posted in thread: Slow finish? on 11-20-2016 at 06:24 PM
    What size batch?I just read a tip on that strain. Raise the temp to ~75 F for the final week.7
    Gal. Maybe I'll try warming her up a bit.

  • Posted in thread: Slow finish? on 11-20-2016 at 04:03 PM
    I would wait it out a bit longer. If you do not want to wait it out, and you have hit your FG,
    then you can always rack from under the krausen.I edited my post. I think I give it more time
    as there's ...

  • Posted in thread: Slow finish? on 11-20-2016 at 03:09 PM
    Brewing a belgian. Over a week and have hit F.G but still have big krausen and yeast is not
    settling out. Wait it out? O.G 1070.Should add that I made a 1 liter starter of wlp550. Did I
    under pitch.

  • Posted in thread: Digital regulators? on 10-28-2015 at 05:48 PM
    Anyone know if there is a digital regulator you can buy? Had co2 leak problems lately that
    where hard to crack and lost lot of co2. Would be nice to have a regulator that keeps more
    accurate read on y...

  • Posted in thread: Mega krausen on 03-05-2015 at 08:42 PM
    What does it mean if after 10 days I still have a huge krausen. Making a belgian golden with

  • Posted in thread: BrewsbySmith DIY Kit plus STC 1000 Temp ControllerGiveaway! on 11-27-2014 at 04:18 PM

  • Posted in thread: HomeBrewTalk Growlers - Short Run Giveaway - Ends Monday! on 11-22-2014 at 06:40 PM

  • Posted in thread: Bottling Mead on 11-08-2014 at 01:57 AM
    You don't have to carbonate, unless you want to. If you do, make sure it is done fermenting.
    Mead FG can go below 1.0. If you are bottling in beer bottle, use the same amount of priming
    sugar. If you ...

  • Posted in thread: Bottling Mead on 11-07-2014 at 09:26 PM
    1st attempt at making 1 gal of mead. When I bottle do I use same sugar amounts as beer for
    carbing; do I use sugar?

  • Posted in thread: Stir plate first timer on 10-30-2014 at 03:18 PM
    Built and used my stir plate for first time and since yeast was from feb I stepped it up a few
    times. Kind of nervous because want to brew tomorrow but in each step of starter I left on for
    about 12 h...

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