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  • Posted in thread: strong mead??? possible??? on 02-10-2011 at 06:28 AM
    I made a cherry mead that came out at slightly higher than 19%. I used Champagne yeast. I don't
    recall using any nutrients or anything else. It took 6 months before it was worth drinking, but
    at 6 mon...

  • Posted in thread: Alaskan White on 06-28-2009 at 05:03 AM
    I was at the Oregon Brew and BBQ last weekend. It was one of the standouts to me. It's the only
    beer that has coriander in it that I've actually liked and would drink more than one.I got to
    try a bunc...

  • Posted in thread: So, what's getting brewed this weekend? on 06-27-2009 at 06:25 AM
    Just moved a Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout clone to the brew closet, my first AG batch. I'm so
    glad I bought that immersion chiller! From boiling to 65F in 16 min. Very nice!Should be
    bottling some Ed Wo...

  • Posted in thread: what yeast is in your fridge? on 06-19-2009 at 11:47 PM
    New2 Nottingham2 Wyeast 1007 German Ale (must have forgotten I had some)1 Wyeast 1084 Irish
    Ale1 Wyeast Pacman1 Montons Active Brewing Yeast1 Coopers Brewing YeastWashed5 Wyeast 3068
    Weihenstephan Wei...

  • Posted in thread: Do you prefer homebrew to commercial micro-brew? on 06-19-2009 at 05:07 AM
    Interesting idea, but I think that unless I hadn't had any of that particular homebrew before,
    or not in awhile , I'd be able to pick it out instantly, thus negating the "blind" part. Going
    through 5 ...

  • Posted in thread: Do you prefer homebrew to commercial micro-brew? on 06-19-2009 at 04:46 AM
    It's interesting that it's hard for me not to have biased opinions about my beer. I made a hefe
    last month that I liked, but my friends raved about as being the best hefe they've ever had. I
    thought i...

  • Posted in thread: The Most Terrible Beer Ever orrr The Worst Beer Of All Time? on 06-18-2009 at 01:24 AM
    I remember trying EKU 28, a German 11% double bock, back in my youth. It was really nasty, like
    straight molasses with an alcohol bite. I know my palate has chanced over the the years, but I
    still hav...

  • Posted in thread: Exceptional Mead on 1st Attempt! on 06-08-2009 at 06:06 PM
    Yes, I should. I have family on both Kohama and Ishigaki. I hear that they are spectacular now,
    and that Kohama is a resort island! A far cry from the poor farming community I remember it to
    be. My un...

  • Posted in thread: First brew, hot wort, and siphon on 06-08-2009 at 05:20 PM
    Use silicon tubing for the high temps from the brew pot to the CFC. It'll hold up for you and
    not melt.

  • Posted in thread: Need a good Oatmeal Stout for 1st brew on 06-01-2009 at 04:01 AM
    If you've every had a Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout, then I think you may want to go with Austin
    Homebrew's version: Austin Homebrew Supply You can order it as extract, mini-mash or AG.I
    haven't tried it...