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  • Posted in thread: Max kettle size for gas stove top on 12-28-2010 at 09:56 PM
    My stove has a 15,000 BTU burner and I got 5 gallons to boil in a 7.5 gallon pot. I kept it
    covered as it heated and it still took an hour to reach a boil with tap water. I went out the
    next week and ...

  • Posted in thread: Volkswagen? on 12-16-2010 at 03:08 AM
    I have an Audi and my wife has a TDI Jetta. I would say they are reliable. I read the forums a
    lot and everything minor issue they say is common happened on my Audi. In every instance I knew
    what to e...

  • Posted in thread: Zune HD or iPod Touch on 12-07-2010 at 09:48 PM
    iPod touch so when he is on wifi he can use it as a phone.

  • Posted in thread: Filtering post boil? on 12-07-2010 at 07:06 PM
    I filtered my last batch going from the BK to a carboy. I originally purchased a funnel with a
    screen but the mesh in the funnel was so fine it was constantly clogged so I purchased a
    stainless steel ...

  • Posted in thread: Where to brew.. on 12-07-2010 at 04:20 PM
    I have the same situation brewing in Chicago. I decided to go to Home Depot and pick up a pond
    pump so I could recirculate water from a couple buckets in the garage. The good news is all the
    pond pump...

  • Posted in thread: Home made immersion coil chiller... thoughts? on 12-06-2010 at 04:24 PM
    I do the same, made coil from 20' of 5/8 copper from Home Depot. I too use a pond pump in a
    bucket of ice water. Just to note, when you first hook up your chiller, you are going to want
    to run normal ...

  • Posted in thread: Your better half's biggest foible on 12-01-2010 at 10:18 PM
    Our house is not a big deal, I am the type of person that picks up every day and my wife is a
    deep cleaner once a week or so. If works out well.My biggest issue is her car. Like I said I
    like to keep ...

  • Posted in thread: Is 20' of copper enough? on 11-29-2010 at 08:00 PM
    I used the same 20' copper from HD. I made a coil around a bucket I had and used some solid
    copper wire to hold the coils together. I found that when the IC is set on the bottom of my pot
    it is only h...

  • Posted in thread: Home made stir plate questions on 11-24-2010 at 02:43 PM
    I have bought neodymium magnets from I found them through ebay but you can buy direct from
    their website. They offer several different shapes and sizes for reasonable prices.

  • Posted in thread: Just got my water report from Ward Labs..... Now what? on 11-16-2010 at 04:39 PM
    I am only bumping this thread cus I live in Aurora IL and would also like to know the answers.
    I really appreciate you posting this information, I am just getting started, first brew is