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06-17-2013 12:15 PM


  • Posted in thread: popped yeast packet on 06-12-2013 at 12:26 PM
    While attempting to pop the starter packet in my yeast package i accidentally popped the pack
    itself shooting some of the yeast liquid all over. I ended up throwing it out due to fear of
    losing some o...

  • Posted in thread: Kegerator/Keezer build for 2 sixth barrels on 05-30-2013 at 12:46 AM
    I have a 7 cu. Ft. Chest freezer that i converted that sounds perfect for what you're looking
    for. I fit 2 sixtels in there no problem along w bottles that i store on the ledge inside.
    Here's a pictur...

  • Posted in thread: yeast culture on 05-23-2013 at 01:10 AM
    You are all awesome thank you!

  • Posted in thread: yeast culture on 05-22-2013 at 01:55 PM
    Awesome good to know thank you! Should i not use an airlock in any of the steps or just the
    first one? How will i be able to recognize if there's activity without an airlock?

  • Posted in thread: yeast culture on 05-22-2013 at 02:35 AM
    It's been 2 days of trying to grow some chimay yeast with no signs of action. Any ideas on what
    may have gone wrong? I followed directions from a book. Left about an inch in the bottle,
    boiled some ma...

  • Posted in thread: yeast culture on 05-21-2013 at 02:05 AM
    That's a good point. I just did it last night.

  • Posted in thread: rose hips on 05-21-2013 at 12:45 AM
    Awesome thank you. I think ill put about 2 oz in and see how it goes

  • Posted in thread: yeast culture on 05-21-2013 at 12:33 AM
    Im trying to culture some yeast from a chimay bottle. I added some water with malt boiled it
    cooled it then added it to the bottom leftovers of the bottle. It's now set up with an airlock
    and stopper....

  • Posted in thread: rose hips on 05-20-2013 at 06:37 PM
    Im considering making a Belgian triple w rose hips. Anyone ever try it? I've never used rose
    hips for anything.

  • Posted in thread: kegerator problems on 12-26-2012 at 02:53 AM
    I'm trying to attach a new keg to my coupler and it's loose w beer leaking when I turn on the
    co2. Any ideas on the cause.