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  • Posted in thread: SUPER STRONG Grain smell flavor good or bad in beer? How on 07-31-2015 at 12:59 PM
    I hope you do follow up on this. I recently had a batch that exhibited this grain flavor also.
    It then went on to a green apple flavor, and it's starting to subside into a decent session
    blonde.Week 2...

  • Posted in thread: Wondering What Weight Will Work? on 07-24-2015 at 03:22 PM
    That is some heavy alliteration.

  • Posted in thread: AKC logo on 07-24-2015 at 03:19 PM
    Instead of the brewery, your beers should come from the Ass Kickin Chicken Kitchen.Nice work on
    the graphics.

  • Posted in thread: Fifty pound sack = catastrophic mash failure. Ten Pound bag is fine. on 07-24-2015 at 12:21 PM
    I think your problem is, as Gavin pointed out, that you are adding water that is at mash-out
    temp (or almost) directly to the grains. And I bet you are exposing almost all of your grains
    to this high ...

  • Posted in thread: Military Bar Build on 07-17-2015 at 12:28 PM
    Table looks cool. But with the mechanism you're using for the legs, which appears to be
    flipping 3 foot 2x4's up over the top of the bar, hanging or shelving any glassware around the
    area is asking fo...

  • Posted in thread: Coldbreak Brewing Herms Giveaway! on 07-14-2015 at 03:49 PM
    Me too.

  • Posted in thread: Tried commercial mead - Can it be better? on 07-14-2015 at 01:37 PM
    So I made a gallon JOAM last night. (no cloves in house, so skipped that part)But I forgot to
    shake it up before the yeast. So I shook it up after adding the yeast. I did not see any
    airlock activity....

  • Posted in thread: Crusher Gap for BIAB on 07-14-2015 at 12:07 PM
    I do .25 for the simple fact that it's a single feeler gauge thickness. And I think BIAB should
    be foremost, easy.

  • Posted in thread: Lowering Sediment - Pre-Soaking... on 07-10-2015 at 12:20 PM
    I do not see the sediment you are describing either, probably because I brew at night, and just
    dump everything from the kettle into the fermenter.Since switching to BIAB, do you mill finer?
    BIAB crus...

  • Posted in thread: Omega yeast.. on 07-09-2015 at 04:05 PM
    Glad to see this post. LHBS recommended Omega since it's local, and stated that the pitch count
    is at 150 billion. Sounded good to me.I'm brewing this weekend, and I'll post back with any
    pros or cons...

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