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  • New Hudson MI
  • Harleys,Brewing,Diesels,Guns/Hunting
  • Anything Robert Parker
  • More beer and trying to add hopps to the brew process.
  • 5 gallons Shiraz juice
  • applewine and more applewine. Hard tea, Orange Mead
  • Various beers from malt extracts
    Welches grape wine(pretty good too)
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  • Posted in thread: Homebrew Supply Keg System Giveaway on 03-01-2016 at 01:38 PM
    Im in please, Zombie Dust Clone - All-Grain Recipe Kit

  • Posted in thread: Blow off tube vs air lock on 12-10-2011 at 02:37 PM
    I need to investigate these blow off set ups, i just lost about 2 gallons to a geyser of foamy
    beer this morning. What a freaking mess it cause. 6 gallons in a 6.5 carboy was a mistake with
    no blow of...

  • Posted in thread: Orange/Pineapple Wine... on 05-25-2010 at 08:35 PM
    sounds like you got enough sugar:drunk: but sounds very tasty.

  • Posted in thread: Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider) on 06-02-2009 at 12:40 AM
    how long should i let it sit after ferm stops, does it finish clear?

  • Posted in thread: Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider) on 05-31-2009 at 11:48 AM
    I think your brew is gonna taste very bitter and hoppy which may be out of place with all the
    apple flavor.first off, 1oz of hops is too much. The hops are only meant to provide a very
    light counter t...

  • Posted in thread: Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider) on 05-30-2009 at 08:23 PM
    I just made the recipiewith 1 lbs cascade 60lbs steeped in applejuice at 165-170 for 40
    min.nottingham yeast1.75 lbs Muntons light hopped LME5 gallons motts. I put it in a 6gal carboy
    so when it calms...

  • Posted in thread: Hard Iced Tea on 05-30-2009 at 02:42 PM
    I had to add a half a jar of instant tea and 3 frozen lemonade containers as well as sugar to
    get some taste back to it. I think I used montrochet yeast and that helped contribute to the
    nasty flavor....

  • Posted in thread: Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider) on 05-27-2009 at 08:38 PM
    what are you boiling? this recipe doesn't call for any boiling. boiling juice, you will need
    some pectic enzyme otherwise that stuff will jelly up.This is what happens when Brandon is on
    the computer ...

  • Posted in thread: Hard Iced Tea on 05-01-2009 at 12:38 PM
    I see:(next time try 2 and let me know if you can taste a differenceI added a 1/2 a bottle of
    instant tea to my 5 gallon batch, 2 cups of sugar, and 3 Minute Maid frozen concentrates,
    pretty tasty now...

  • Posted in thread: Hard Iced Tea on 05-01-2009 at 12:27 PM
    or just go to Mcdonalds and buy thier sweet tea.:(Ingredients for sweet ice tea: 8 Tea BagsIce
    cubesFine sugar (optional)Lemon Slices (optional)How to make ice tea:In a large saucepan, bring
    4 cups of...