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  • Enjoy spending my leisure time playing drums, drinking and brewing great beer.
  • beer,drums,computers
  • US Navy
  • Good old Rock & Roll
  • Band of Brothers, James Bond (All), Stepbrothers, Broken Lizard (All)
  • Anything worth power watching over streaming medi .
  • Atlas Shrugged, Foutainhead, Joy of Homebrewing, Game of Thrones (series)
  • I got into homebrewing in 2004 as a means to discover how beer was made. Started with complete beginner kits using only extract. Years later I have acquired more storage but still consider myself a beginner. I usually try to find free space in the basement and store my buckets and carboys someplace dark and out of the way.
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  • Posted in thread: What Do You Do to Keep Your Mind Off Beer When You Can't Drink? on 02-02-2016 at 01:47 AM
    Water. With my inclination to playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, crossfit, etc.., hydration is a
    key, even more so when I do drink beer.I decided a few years back to stop giving in to all my
    eating hab...

  • Posted in thread: Reflections On My 2nd All Grain Brew on 02-01-2016 at 10:19 PM
    If you get your water from the HLT set right, you can preheat with a gallon or two straight
    from there. If I'm expecting to mash in with 7 gallons , I'll use the first gallon or two to ,
    then after 5-...

  • Posted in thread: How many gallons of homebrew in 2016? on 01-24-2016 at 07:47 PM
    10 gallons Euforia Toffee Nut Brown (clone)1133 + 10 = 1143

  • Posted in thread: Brewing with friends on 01-22-2016 at 06:59 PM
    I'm trying to find more things to engage my students/fellow-brewers ("active learning"). Now
    that I think about it, I've had one guy over twice now. I think it is time for him take the
    lead on a brew ...

  • Posted in thread: Brewing with friends on 01-21-2016 at 11:00 PM
    Ok, so all of my solo talk went down the tubes A buddy of mine that hooked me up
    with custom woodwork for my malt mill likes beer, and as an exchange of services I offered
    homebrew in exc...

  • Posted in thread: You know you're a home brewer when? on 01-21-2016 at 06:39 PM
    Not sure how much this applies, but I came with my father to the hospital today. I grabbed my
    coffee, phone, and my book on "Yeast".

  • Posted in thread: Show Us Your Label on 01-21-2016 at 06:26 PM
    Just a very light and simple drop shadow to the skull would give it some depth without having
    to play with the colors. I think it looks good the way it is.

  • Posted in thread: Foamy beer!!! on 01-21-2016 at 01:25 PM
    I have always carbonated at serving psi and never ran into foaming issues. It does take longer,
    but you won't have any back pressure issues.

  • Posted in thread: Brewing with friends on 01-21-2016 at 03:21 AM
    Yeah I'm with you. More often than not I have no issues with friends hanging out while I brew.
    But apart from helping lift some things, I don't let anyone interfere with my process. Even
    cleaning, whi...

  • Posted in thread: What does wild yeast taste like? on 01-21-2016 at 01:01 AM
    Unless mother nature hates your pale ales, it has to be something within the process. I
    recommend you take a recap of all of the suggestions and systematically make changes according
    to them. It may t...

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